KUSF In Exile 03.21.12 9-Midnight Mein 20th Century DJ Scott

Mein Twentieth Century explores the far corners of composed sound from its early classical history to its modern experimental antecedents. Antique music, Serialism, Musique Concrete, Early Electronics, Minimalism, Sound Art, New Music, Drone, Independent as well as Non-Western and Outsider sensibilities are brought together in an enriching audio experience

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first hour:
Robert Duncan & David Cain – March
David Mansfield – Battle Hymn / Ella’s Waltz
Mary Rhodes – Golden Slippers
Ernst Reijseger – Child’s Footprint
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis
Charles Ives – Charlie Rutlidge
Loren Connors – Dream Departing #4
Charles Ives – The Swimmers
Joseph Falcon – Arcadian One-step
John Barry – Eleanor’s Arrival
A Box of Birch – The Elder Lie
Thurlow Lieurance & Clement Barone – Winnebago Love Song
George Winston – Untitled
Terry Riley – String Quartet (1960)

second hour:
Ted Lucas – Raga In D
John Adams – Shaker Loops
Meredith Monk – Travelling
Annea Lockwood – Malolo
Paul De Marinis – Fonetica Francese
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Chinsagu No Hana
Sandy Bull – Easy Does It
Jack Rose – Hart Crane’s Old Boyfriends
Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard – La Danseuse
Richard Crandell – Ghost Writers
Malachi – Wednesday Sixth
Peter Lang – Last Days at the Lodge

third hour:
Max Richter – In the Nature of Daylight
Steve Reich – Double Sextet (slow)
Morton Feldman – Rothko’s Chapel (UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus)
Charles Ives – The Unanswered Question
Vladimir Ussachevsky – Conflict
Marc Blitzstein – Air
Charles Koechlin – Epitathe de Jean Harlow
Smithsonian Social Orchestra – La Cachucha
Quarterlodeons – Ice and Snow
Suzanne Ciani – Princess With Orange Feet
Irving Fine & The Gregg Smith Singers – Beautiful Soup
J.P Knight – Rocked In The Cradle of The Deep (Music Box0
Conlon Nancarrow – Study No.15
Gavin Bryars – White’s SS
Hector Zazou – Enoch Arden (interlude)
Beaver & Krause – Legend Days Are Over

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