KUSF in Exile 03.14.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show Dj Richard White

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Denison Witmer "Hold On"
"Life Before Aesthetics"
"Every Passing Day"
"Two And A Glass Rose" (all four tracks are brand new)

Bud Powell "Reets And I" (1953, not '55)
Cecil Taylor "I Love Paris" (1959)
Lowell Davidson Trio (w/Gary Peacock on bass & Milford Graves on
drums) "Dunce" (1965)
Gabor Szabo "Bacchanal" (1968)
Jean-Luc Ponty "Idiot Bastard Son" (1970)
George Braith "Evelyn Anita" (1967)
Catalyst "Little Miss Lady" (1974)
Jethro Tull "Serenade To A Cuckoo" (1968)

George Harrison "In The Park" (1968)
Hamza El Din "Aiga Denos Ailanga" (1964)
Tony Scott "Ode To An Oud" (1970)
Sandy Bull "Sweet Baby Jumper" (1972)
Richard Crandell "The Island 2000" (2004)

Tears Run Rings "Beautiful Stranger" (2008)
Songs Of Green Pheasant "Wintered" (2006)
Damedas "Ayuse" (2010)
Michele (O'Malley) "Lament Of The Astro Cowboy" (1969)
Emily (Bindiger) "Old Lace" (1971)
Rykarda Parasol "Oh My Blood" (2009)

Espvall Jakobsons Szelag "Black Forest" & "Lunar Horizon" (brand new)
Allison Faith Levy & Mushroom "You Laugh At Me Because I'm Different,
I Laugh At You Because You're All the Same" (2007)
The Gray Field Recordings "Creeping" (2005)
Fursaxa "Celosia" (2010)
Le Forte Four "Balanced Comfort" (mid-1970's)
Pelt "Outside, Listening" (1997)
Grouper "Hold A Desert, Feel Its Hand" (2005)

Charlambides "Finale" (1993)

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