KUSF In Exile 03.09.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

iPhone and iPad Player

oshun - rattle of life
nebula - all the way

slag boom van loom - sutedja
megabats - ill eagle
the gris gris - skin mass cat
four tet - twenty three

beaver and krause - saga of the blue beaver
comic wow - miami song tennis
breather - the melting of the guns/behold the power (behold the love)
porest - meat supply

rhys chatham - allegro
mogwai - how to be a werewolf
lula cortes - alegro piradissimo
up bustle and out - emerald alley

evelyn champagne king - smooth talk
rob roy raindorf - funky rob way
tussle - elephants

the gun club - texas serenade
the clash - the prisoner
beat happening - bewitched
subway sect - ambition
damien jurado - this time next year

nonloc - candide
bonobo - stay the same (blue daisy 'not quite the same' remix)
the vocokesh - the truth regarding sunspots

albert ayler - ghosts (first variation)
darius jones - chasing the ghost
loga ramin torkian - az pardeh (through the veil)
marc benno - speak your mind

slowdive - avalyn 2

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