KUSF In Exile 02.26.12 6-8 PM Spotlight Human League Part 2 DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

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Treatment [Golden Hour of the Future, 1977]

Love Action (I Believe in Love) [Dare, 1981]

Don't You Want Me [Dare, 1981]

Seconds [Dare, 1981]

The Sound of the Crowd [Dare, 1981]

All I Ever Wanted [Secrets, 2001]

Love Me Madly [Secrets, 2001]

Tell Me When [Octopus, 1995]

Marianne [Travelogue, 1980]

Black Hit of Space [Travelogue, 1980]

You Remind Me of Gold [b-side to Mirror Man single, 1982]

Breaking the Chains [Credo, 2011]

Night People [Credo, 2011]

Electric Shock [Credo, 2011]

The Lebanon [Hysteria, 1984]

I Love You Too Much [Hysteria, 1984]

Life on Your Own [Hysteria, 1984]

Don't You Know I Want You [Hysteria, 1984]

A Doorway? [Romantic?, 1980]

Get it Right This Time [Romantic?, 1980]

Goodbye Bad Times [Philip Oakey & Georgio Moroder, 1985]

Human [Crash, 1986]

Together in Electric Dreams [Oakey/Moroder, Electric Dreams Soundtrack, 1985]

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