KUSF In Exile 02.21.12 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

6-9 am The Stevil show is a moody collage of music that soothes and attacks your senses every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.  If music is the language of the heart, then the Stevil show is hieroglyphics on the caverns of the aorta.

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Stevil Show (Music) with Stevil 02/21/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:00AM Pink Floyd “Lucifer Sam” from the piper at the gates of dawn (CD, Album, Private, 1967) on Capitol

06:03AM Bernard Chabert “Olga Setzer” from V/A - Total Freakout vol.3

06:07AM Wetdog “That Man Delivers Papers” from Frauhaus! (CD, Rock, 2009) on Angular Recording Corporation

06:09AM Jennifer Gentle “Nothing Makes Sense” from valende (CD, Album, Rock, 2005) on Sub-Pop

06:13AM The Doozer “Hornbill” from Great Explorers (2010) on Pickled Egg

06:16AM Twinkranes “The Market of the Bizarre” from Spektrumtheatresnakes (2009) on Twisted Nerve Recordings

06:20AM A Place To Bury Strangers “SO FAR AWAY” from Onwards to the Wall EP (2011) on Dead Oceans

06:23AM Lozenge “Mr. Fancypants” from Mishap (Rock, 2004) on SickRoom Records

06:30AM Plastik Joy “No-Date Night” from 3:03 (2009) on n5MD

06:34AM Crass “Sentiment (White Feathers)” from Christ the Album (1982) on Crass Records

06:37AM Swans “SAVED” from The Burning World (1989) on Uni Records

06:41AM Mike Watt & The Secondmen “Beltsandedman” from The Secondmen's Middle Stand (2004) on Columbia (USA)

06:48AM Subway “Persuasion” from Subway II (Bonus Track Version) (2009) on Soul Jazz Records

06:54AM Fursaxa “Bells of Capistrano” from Alone In the Dark Wood (2007) on ATP Recordings

06:57AM Aavikko “Siperian Rata” from The History Of Muysic (2004) on 9pm

07:02AM Mary Lou Williams “The Pussy's in the Well” from Gilles Peterson Digs America 2

07:04AM Velvet Underground “What Goes On” from Velvet Underground (1968) on Polydor

07:08AM Deadbolt “Blacktop Fever” from Voodoo Trucker (2000) on Headhunter Records

07:12AM Crime “Murder By Guitar” from San Francisco's Still Doomed (2004) on Swami

07:17AM Sonic Youth “Expressway to Yr. Skull (A.K.A. Madonna, Sean and Me)” from EVOL (CD, Album, Rock, 1986) on Geffen

07:24AM Happy Flowers “I Said I Wanna Watch Cartoons” from Oof (1989) on Homestead

07:28AM Shooby Taylor “Lift Every Voice And Sing” from The Human Horn (CD, Album, Private, 1980) on Shooby.com

07:33AM Raymond Scott “Limbo: The Organized Mind” from Manhattan Research Inc. (2000) on Basta Audio-Visuals

07:38AM Macy "Skip" Skipper “Bop Pills” from Good Rockin' Tonight: Red Hot Rockabilly (Rock, 2009) on Fantastic Voyage

07:40AM Rodd Keith “Hippy Happy Land” from I Died Today (1996) on Tzadik

07:44AM Electrelane “Those Pockets Are People” from Axes (Rock, 2005) on Too Pure

07:49AM Lost Sounds “Peek-a-boo Ur Doomed” from Rats Brains & Microchips (Rock, 2009) on Empty Records

07:51AM Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “At the Ruin of Others” from Gorilla Rose (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

07:53AM KABLE “Nobody Likes a Wise Guy” from The Hand (Rock, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

07:55AM Early Lines “Loosen Up” from Hate The Living Love The Dead

07:57AM Archie Bronson Outfit “Cherry Lips” from Derdang Derdang (2006) on Domino Records

08:01AM Black Helicopter “Buick Electra” from Invisible Jet (CD, Album, Rock, 2006) on ecstatic peace

08:09AM Aloha Screwdriver “Eating, Drinking and Killing” from No Way Out (Rock, 2011) on Aloha Screwdriver

08:12AM André Williams “Cigarettes and My Old Lady” from That's All I Need (2009) on Bloodshot Records

08:15AM Dum Dum Girls “Wrong Feels Right” from He Gets Me High - EP (2011) on Sub Pop Records

08:17AM Plearn Promdan “Ruk Kum Samong” from Thai? Dai! (2011) on B-MUSIC

08:21AM Brian Seeger “Beautiful Ship” from Strings of Hochelaga-Masonnneuve on New Romance For Kids

08:24AM John Doe and The Sadies “Detroit City” from Country Club (CD, Album, 2009) on John Doe And The Sadies

08:27AM Jandek “Part 3” from Where Do You Go From Here (2011) on Corwood Industries (USA)

08:32AM The Pebbles “The Pebbles Twist” from First Album (Rock, 1997) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

08:34AM The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band “Spreadin' Honey” from All the Funk & Groove (Remastered) (2008) on WM Australia

08:36AM Robert Farnon, Wilfred Josephs, Ron Grainer “The Prisoner Out of House Etc.” from The Prisoner (Original Television Soundtrack)

08:39AM Nodzzz “I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)” from I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana) / We Are the Only Animals - Single (Rock, 2007) on Make A Mess Records

08:43AM Uranium USSR 1972 “Glaciation Room” from Avarie (2006) on Small Voices

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