KUSF In Exile 02.20.12 3-6 PM DJ IMF

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THe I.M.F. GONE WILD (Music) with The I.M.F. 02/20/2012 03:00PM to 06:00PM

03:08PM Symmetry “magic Garden” from Music For An Imaginary Film (2007) on Armada Music

03:11PM Washed Out “Belong” from High Time

03:14PM Umberto “The Psychic” from Prophecy of the Black Widow (LP, 2010) on Not Not Fun

03:19PM Mum “Moon Pull” from Moon Pull (Single)

03:22PM The Rosebuds “Nice Fox” from Life Like (2008) on Merge Records

03:26PM The Rosebuds “Woods” from Loud Planes Fly Low (2011) on Merge Records

03:30PM Unknown Mortal Orchestra “How Can U Luv Me” from Unknown Mortal Orchestra (2011) on EMI Australia

03:33PM Porcelain Raft “IF You Have A WIsh” from Strange Weekend

03:36PM Tennis “Traveling” from Young and Old (MP3, Album, Private, 2012) on Fat Possum

03:39PM Wild Nothing “Gruesome Castle (Wild Nothing)” from Gruesome Flowers (A Tribute to The Wake) - Single (2011) on Captured Tracks

03:43PM Devon Williams “Tower of Thought” from EUPHORIA (2011) on Slumberland (USA)

03:46PM Beach Fossils “Plastic Flowers (Beach Fossils)” from Gruesome Flowers (A Tribute to The Wake) - Single (2011) on Captured Tracks

03:50PM Crocodiles “I Wanna Kill” from Summer of Hate (CD, Album, Rock, 2009) on Vinyl Junkie Recordings

03:54PM LOVE AND HATES “I Wanna Kill” from Crocodiles Cover

03:57PM AIR “Seven Stars” from Le Voyage DAns La Lune (CD, Album, Rock, 2009) on Astralwerks - Caroline

04:00PM Memoryhouse “The Foreground” from Grizzly Bear Cover

04:03PM Corduroy Utd. “Hey Girl!” from Oh Eira (2003) on Labrador

04:06PM Corduroy Utd. “Daddys Boy” from Oh Eira (2003) on Labrador

04:09PM HOOD “Perfume Genius” from Put UR back N2 it

04:12PM My Darling YOU! “Prepare” from A.K. Art - EP (2009) on Border Music

04:14PM Da Vinci “John Wayne” from See You Tonight

04:17PM Papercuts “Do You Really Wanna Know” from Fading Parade (Bonus Track Version) (2011) on Sub Pop Records

04:20PM Royksopp “REMIND ME” from Melody A.M. (MP3, Single, Private, 2001) on EMI France

04:23PM Painted Palms “I miss you” from I miss you (Single)

04:26PM The Shins “Caring Is Creepy” from Oh, Inverted World (2001) on Sub Pop

04:29PM Beach Fossils “shallow” from shallow (Single)

04:32PM Oregon Bike Trails “Cayucas” from High School Lover - Single (2011) on Father/Daughter Records

04:36PM Mum “Prophecies and Reversed Memories” from Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know (2009) on Euphono Records

04:40PM Quasi “Its Raining” from The Sword of God (2001) on Domino

04:43PM Clues “Remember Severed Head” from Clues (2009) on Constellation

04:46PM Former Selves “Life'z a Beach” from Vibes

04:49PM Woods “Hand It Out” from Sun And Shade (2011) on Woodsist

04:52PM Yellowbirds “Rings In The Trees” from The Color (2011) on The Royal Potato Family

04:56PM Qua “800x600” from Forgetabout (2002) on Mush Records

05:01PM Pinback “BOO” from Blue Screen Life (CD, Album, Private, 2001) on Ace Fu Records

05:05PM Memoryhouse “Walk with Me” from Walk with Me (Single)

05:08PM Radiohead “Fog” from Fog (Single)

05:11PM Crystal Stilts “Sycamore Tree” from In Love With Oblivion (CD, 2011) on Fortuna POP!

05:16PM Trmrs “Old Paladino” from Trmrs Tape : Side B (2011) on TRMRS

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