KUSF In Exile 02.15.12 Midnight-1 AM Matt Davignons Unusual and Eclectic World of Wonder

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00:00) Opening Chimes
00:21) Ear Diorama Ear “Push My Eyelids” from “Ear Diorama Ear”, 2011
03:48) Jonny Greenwood “Clockwork Tin Soldiers” from “Bodysong”, 2003
07:31) Lance Grabmiller (feat. Ernesto Diaz Infante) “The Bronze
Piano” from “Minotaure”, 2010
12:08) Arve Henriksen “Black Mountain” from “Strjon”, 2007
16:28) Pamela Z “Pop Titles ‘You’” from “A Delay is Better”, 2004
19:22) White Noise “Love Without Sound” from “An Electric Storm”, 1969
22:29) Art of Noise “Ransom on the Sand” from “In No Sense? Nonsense!”, 1987
23:45) Monolight “Red Mystic” from “Free Music”, 2002
29:40) Rosy Parlane “Part One” from “Iris”, 2004
37:24) Myrmyr “Hot Snow, Parts 2 & 3” from “Fire Star”, 2011
45:36) Tear Garden “The Running Man” from “The Last Man to Fly”, 1993
53:54) Farflung “The Nation” from “When Science Fails”, 2002

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