KUSF In Exile 02.07.12 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

6-9 am The Stevil show is a moody collage of music that soothes and attacks your senses every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.  If music is the language of the heart, then the Stevil show is hieroglyphics on the caverns of the aorta.

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Stevil Show (Music) with Stevil 02/07/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM

Rafael Toral “Ii.Iii” from Space Elements Vol. II

Belong “LATE NIGHT” from Colorloss Record - EP

Hawkwind “Some People Never Die” from Church of Hawkwind

Chris Galbert “Sing-Sing” from V/A - Total Freakout vol.3

Kramer “Got What You Deserved” from The Guilt Trip

Celtic Frost “Rex Irae (Requiem)” from Into the Pandemonium

Ikue Mori “Possession” from Myrninerest

PRE “Drool” from Epic Fits

Cecil Canterburn “Cathching Game” from Electronic Toys

The Leather Boy “On The Go” from Lux and Ivy's Favorites

Yip-Yip “Sprinkle Council” from Two Kings of the Same Kingdom

Mammatus “Dragon of the Deep Part 1” from Mammatus

Lake of Dracula “Cherries and Socks” from Skeletal Remains

The Nu-Sounds “Honky Tonk” from Spaceship Lullaby

The Association “Round Again” from And Then...Along Comes

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers “I Wanna be Loved” from L.A.M.F.

Black Time “New Fiction” from Midnight World

Gunslingers “The Beheaded Motorbiker's Head” from No More Invention

Indigenous People “Into Wishing” from Captured Live In Brazil

Ritmo Pilé “Pilé Beat” from Sensacional Soul Vol 2

Pisces “A Flower for All Seasons” from A Lovely Sight

Music From The Film “Ballet Tiptoe” from Playfully Abrasive

Tabla Beat Science “Palmistry” from Tala Matrix

A Place To Bury Strangers “SO FAR AWAY” from Onwards to the Wall EP

Zs “Acres of Skin” from New Slaves

The Webelos “Tsunami Season” from Shadow Seasons

Architect “Blood Tracer” from The Reconstruction Of Fives

Servotron “Moving Parts” from No Room For Humans

Junior Communist Club “76 Place” from Freedom of Speed - EP

Fucked Up “The Other Shoe” from David Comes to Life

Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds “Hills of Pills” from Gorilla Rose

Las Kellies “ADVENTURE” from Kellies

WIRE “Bad Worn Thing” from Red Barked Tree

ArP “WHITE LIGHT” from The Soft Wave

Red Aunts “$5” from Saltbox

THE MIDDLE CLASS “Out of Vogue” from Old School Punk

Buraka Som Sistema “Luanda Lisboa” from Black Diamond

Faucet “146” from Faucet

Les Georges Leningrad “Cocktail Vampire” from Deux hot dogs moutarde chou

Quintron “Face Down In the Gutter” from Sucre du sauvage

John Doe & The Sadies “Night Life” from Country Club

Uranium USSR 1972 “Lumec Metro Cinema” from Avarie

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