KUSF In Exile 02.05.12 8-10 AM Whiskey Before Breakfast DJ Richard White

A two hour set of Folk, Acoustic, Flat Picking, Traditional, Bluegrass, Contemporary, and everything else related with waking up in a relaxed way to get the Sunday started off. Originally a radio show that was on WKSU, with Kerry Blech in the 70's, which led to the Folk Alley that we hear now.

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As I write, the Johnny Otis Tribute, which I promised for this week, is still being assembled. In the meantime, the show must go on.

Anna Black "Little Annie Weed" (1968)
Leonda "Mother In Love" (1968)
Buffy Sainte-Marie "Lyke Wake Dirge" (1967)
Redbone "Come And Get Your Love" (1974)
Jesse Ed Davis "Alcatraz" (1972)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (w/Jimmy Carl Black on vox) "Lonesome Cowboy Burt" (1971)

Arborea "Blue Crystal Fire" (2010)
Little Wings "Rivers Of Babylon" (2012)
Meg Baird "All I Ever Wanted" (2007)
Max Ochs "Oncones" (2008)
All That The Name Implies "Your Day" (1968)
Tony Trosley "Deep Night" (1982)
Janet Smith "Piano Mover's Rag" (1978)

Kuupuu "Sula" (2009)
Lau Nau "Puuportti Rautaportilta" (2005)
Mark Deutsch "Kundalini Rising" (1999)
Ward Hartenstein with the Eastman Percussion Ensemble "Claycussion" (1996)
Hala Strana "Millstones" (2003)
Steven R. Smith "Sifting Chimelle" (1998)
Glenn Jones "The Teething Necklace (For John Fahey)" (2007)

Here's the first side of Steve Miller Band's debut album, Children Of The Future (1968):

"Children Of The Future"
"Pushed Me To It"
"You Got The Power"
"In My First Mind"
"The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing (Psychedelic B.B.)"

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