KUSF In Exile 02.02.12 6-9 AM Ghost Light Grammar School DJ Fillbee

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Ghost Light Grammar School (Music) with Fillbee 02/02/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:00AM The Cyrkle “Straighten Out My Messed Up life” from Red Rubber Ball (Collection) (CD, Album, Private)

06:03AM Carol Hensel “I Go To Rio” from Dancersize (LP, Album, Private)

06:06AM Dewey Bergman “Aquarius” from Your Horoscope In Music (LP, Album, Private)

06:09AM Graham Nash “Military Madness” from Songs for Beginners (LP, Album, Private, 2008) on Rhino Records

06:12AM Harry Nilsson “Gotta Get Up” from Nilsson Schmilsson (LP, Album, Private, 1971) on rca records label

06:15AM Richard De Bordeaux “Psychose” from Wizzz - Psychorama français 1966-71 (CD, Comp, Private, 2010) on Born bad records

06:18AM The Honeys “She's Just Out To Get You” from Capitol Collectors Series (CD, Album, Private)

06:21AM Gerty Farish “We Are Robot” from Deadly Attackers (7 Inch, Single, Private)

06:24AM The Pogues “Waxie's Dargle” from Red Roses for Me [Expanded] (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Rhino

06:26AM Andrew WK “Party Til You Puke” from i get wet (CD, Album, Private, 2002) on Island

06:29AM David Bowie “Magic Dance” from Labyrinth Soundtrack (LP, Album, Private)

06:32AM Lilys “GINGER” from A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns (LP, Album, Private)

06:35AM Jonathan Richman “New England” from Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers (LP, Album, Private)

06:38AM Roxy Music “STREET LIFE” from STRANDED (CD, Album, Rock, 1999) on Virgin UK

06:41AM Buffalo Springfield “BROKEN ARROW” from Buffalo Springfield Again (LP, Album, Rock, 1967) on Atlantic Records

06:47AM Sand Pipers “LOUIE LOUIE” from Louie Louie (LP, Comp, Private)

06:50AM Brian Eno “King's Lead Hat” from Before and After Science (LP, Album, Private)

06:53AM Velvet Underground “She's My Best Friend” from VU (LP, Album, Private)

06:56AM Strapping Fieldhands “The Author In Her Ear” from Wattle & Daub (LP, Album, Rock, 1996) on Shangri-La, Inc.

06:58AM Syd Barrett “Wined & Dined” from A Nice Pair (Barrett) (LP, Album, Private)

07:01AM The Monks “He Went Down to the Sea (Bonus Track)” from Black Monk Time (CD, Album, Rock, 1966) on Universal Music Domestic Pop

07:04AM Rock*A*Teens “Tuesday's Just As Bad” from GOLDEN TIME (CD, Album, Private)

07:07AM Bonnie Tyler “Faster Than the Speed of Night” from Collections: Bonnie Tyler (CD, Album, Rock, 1983) on Sony Music Entertainment

07:14AM Shriekback “NEMESIS” from Oil and Gold (LP, Album, Private, 1985) on Sony Music UK

07:18AM Guided By Voices “Bee Thousand” from The Grand Hour - EP (7 Inch, Single, Private, 1992) on Scat

07:20AM Bobby Goldsboro “LITTLE THINGS” from Drugstore Cowboy Soundtrack (LP, Album, Private, 2011) on Red Bus Digital

07:22AM The Magnetic Fields “Andrew In Drag” from Andrew In Drag (7 Inch, Single, Private) on Merge Records New

07:25AM The Magnetic Fields “When Next In Love I Fall” from Andrew In Drag (7 Inch, Single, Private) on Merge Records New

07:28AM John S. Hall & Kramer “The Party” from Real Men (CD, Album, Private)

07:31AM Dukes Of Hamburg “Que Sera” from Star-Club Show 1 (LP, Album, Private) on Dionysus Records

07:34AM Pat Benatar “My Clone Sleeps Alone” from In The Heat Of The Night (LP, Album, Rock, 1979) on Chrysalis Inc

07:38AM Alice Cooper “Clones (We're All)” from Flush The Fashion (LP, Album, Private) on warner brothers

07:41AM Sam and Dave “SOOTHE ME” from Sam And Dave Greatest Hits (LP, Album, Private)

07:45AM Danielson Familie “We Don't Say Shut Up” from Fetch The Compass Kids (LP, Album, Private) on Secretly Canadian

07:48AM Butter 08 “SHUT UP” from Butter 08 (LP, Album, Rock, 2008) on GR Entertainment

07:51AM Amoebic Ensemble “Headless Emcee” from Driving Music (7 Inch, Single, Private)

07:54AM David Geddes “Run Joey Run” from Run Joey Run (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on Rhino Atlantic

07:57AM Harry Nilsson “Jump Into the Fire” from Nilsson Schmilsson (LP, Album, Private, 1971) on rca records label

08:00AM Camper Van Beethoven “Ambiguity Song” from Telephone Free Landslide Victory (LP, Album, Private, 1985) on Cooking Vinyl

08:03AM Lily “Magic Awaits” from Demo (CD, Album, Private)

08:06AM Fable Factory “Eyesight, The Cyclone” from American Custard (CD, Album, Private)

08:09AM TINY JAMES & EVERETT NOURSE “Carolina In The Morning” from Farewell To The Fox (LP, Album, Private)

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