KUSF In Exile 01.31.12 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

If anyone personifies the word 'maven' it's DJ Carolyn. Her impeccable
taste in punk, garage and rock has influenced Bay Area listeners for over
two decades. A listener passionately sent in, 'she has always been the
only DJ that matters. She finds music nobody else does, and it rocks!' Her
dedication to the local scene goes beyond spinning the latest indie disc
or old-school classic, to outright mentorship of fledgling talent. Catch
her weekly show... and you'll find out why, when it comes to Bay Area
rock, you've been served." -From SF Bay Guardian who awarded Carolyn as
2006's and 2008's Best DJ: Terrestrial Radio

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Carolyn (Music) with Carolyn 01/31/2012 12:00PM to 03:00PM

12:03PM The Damned “Smash It Up” from Final Damnation (Rock, 1989) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

12:08PM The 3Ds “Outer Space” from Tally Ho! Flying Nun's Greatest Bits (CD, 2011) on Flying Nun (New Zealand) New

12:11PM The Kelpies “Television” from Go And Do It The Aberrannt (CD) on Small Axe

12:13PM Spizzenergi “Where's Captain Kirk?” from PUNK Lost & Found (CD)

12:17PM Suicide Squad “Unwanted” from Unwanted (7 Inch, Single)

12:20PM Shitty Limits “Straight Forward” from Straight Forward b/w Messin' With The Kid (7 Inch, 2011) on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

12:23PM Idi Amin & The Amputees “Nasty Nazi” from Disco Bitch b/w Nasty Nazi (7 Inch, 2010) on Going Underground

12:26PM The Shrapnelles “My Mom Is Hot” from The Shrapnelles - Single (7 Inch, 2011) on Hozac

12:22PM Woollen Kits “Be Your Friend” from Woollen Kits (LP, 2011) on RIP Society (Australia)

12:05PM Jack Oblivian “Kidnapper” from Rat City (LP, 2011) on Big Legal Mess

12:08PM Ty Segall “The Drag” from Ty Segall (LP, 2008) on Castle Face Local

12:11PM AVENGERS “I Told You So” from Garage Punk Unknowns Part One (LP) on Unknown

12:13PM Dwarf “Gotta get louder” from Gotta Get Louder b/w I Won't Be Back (7 Inch, 2011) on Sing Sing

12:16PM Thee Cormans “EMERGENCY!” from Down Mit Der Fuzz b/w Emergency! (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

12:40PM Neverever “Mexicoco” from Shake-a-baby (12 Inch, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) Local

12:43PM Midnite Snaxxx “Jackie” from A Guy Like That b/w Jackie (7 Inch, Single, 2011) on Total Punk Local

12:46PM Peripherique Est “Le Rock D'Ici” from Le Rock D'Ici (7 Inch, Single, 2010) on Close Up

12:49PM UV Pop “No Song Tomorrow” from Just A Game b/w No Song Tomorrow on Sacred Bones (USA)

12:52PM Eddy Current Suppression Ring “I Admit My Faults (live)” from Walking In Unison (12 Inch, 2011) on Captcha

12:58PM Heavy Times “Skull Hair” from Jacker (LP, 2011) on Hozac

01:05PM Thee Oh Sees “Blood In Your Ear” from split with Total Control (LP) on Castle Face

01:10PM Times New Viking “Somebody's Slave” from Dancer Equired (LP, Album, Rock, 2011) on Merge (USA)

01:13PM Reatards “Memphis Blues” from Teenage Hate / Fuck Elvis Here's the Reatards (LP, 2011) on Goner (USA)

01:16PM Tyvek “GIVE IT UP” from Fast Metabolism (7 Inch, Rock, 2011) on M'lady's Records

01:18PM TV Ghost “Mass Dream” from Mass Dream (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

01:24PM The Bosstones “Mope-Itty Mope” from Rare Gold Doo Wops Vol 2 (LP, Rock, 2009) on Old Gold Media

01:26PM Bad Coyotes “Junky Suicide” from When The Pack Comes Rollin EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Eli's Mile High Records Local, New

01:29PM Dead Farmers “Lucky Stars” from Go Home (LP, 2011) on RIP Society (Australia)

01:32PM Dalai Lamas “I WANT YOU” from I Want You b/w I Lost You (7 Inch, 2011) on Hozac

01:34PM Frankie Rose “Know Me” from Know Me -single (7 Inch, 2012) on Slumberland (USA)

01:43PM The Sleaze “Splotch” from Weird Truck b/w Splotch On Something Clean (7 Inch, 2010) on Three Dimensional Records

01:46PM Drosofile “MAL” from Mal b/w Your Roberts (7 Inch, 2012) on SDZ (France)

01:50PM Plastic Furs “You See Nothing” from split with Pretty Worms (7 Inch, 2011) on 8ctopus

01:53PM Heavy Hawaii “Super Bowl XXIX” from Super Bowl XXIX EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Art Fag New

01:52PM Iceage “Broken Bone” from New Brigade (LP, 2010) on Tambourhinoceros

01:54PM Liquor Store “Crack Mountain” from split with Natural Child (7 Inch, 2011) on Almost Ready

01:57PM Paper Bags “Medicate Tonight” from Prick EP (7 Inch, Single, 2011) Local

01:59PM Zero Boys “Livin' In the 80's” from History Of (LP, 2008) on Secretly Canadian

02:01PM The Verlaines “Death and The Maiden” from Tally Ho! Flying Nun's Greatest Bits (2011) on WM New Zealand

02:06PM The Outcry “Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat)” from Scum Of The Earth (Part Two) (LP) on Killdozer

02:09PM Thee Spivs “RADIO” from Taped Up (LP, 2010) on Damaged Goods

02:12PM Swiftumz “4Eva” from Don't Trip (LP, Rock, 2011) on Holy Mountain Local

02:14PM Wounded Lion “Going Into the Unknown” from IVXLCDM (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

02:18PM Hank IV “Bellyfull of Slugs” from Bellyfull of Slugs (7 Inch, Single, 2011) on SS Records Local

02:21PM The Scientists “Frantic Romantic” from Pissed On Another Planet (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

02:23PM Deaf Wish “SMASH” from Reality & Visions (LP)

02:25PM Tumor Warlord “End Of Time” from Bio-Machine EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Jeth-Row Records

02:28PM Lost Sounds “What'd I Say?” from Plastic Skin EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Goner (USA) New

02:31PM Punk On Mars “She's On The Radio” from Hey! Tiffany - EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Zoo Music New

02:34PM Bleached “You Take Time” from Think of You 7" (7 Inch, Single, Rock, 2011) on Art Fag Recordings (USA)

02:40PM Mikal Cronin “Tide” from Tide b/w You Gotta Have Someone (7 Inch, 2012) on Goner (USA) Local, New

02:43PM Le Sang Song “Paper Rose” from Art vs. Life b/w Paper Rose (7 Inch, 2011) on Hozac

02:46PM The Bats “North By North” from Tally Ho! (CD, 2011) on WM New Zealand New

02:50PM The Subs “Party Clothes” from The Stiff Singles, Vol. 8 (7 Inch, Rock, 1986) on Stiff Records

02:52PM Total Control “For Lease” from Thee Oh Sees/ Total Control split LP (LP, 2011)

02:54PM The Wrong Words “Here's Where You Belong” from EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Trouble In Mind (USA) Local

02:58PM The Killjoys “Johnny Won't Go to Heaven” from Raw Records - The Punk Singles Collection (LP, 1977) on Anagram Records