KUSF In Exile 02.04.12 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture
The Here and After: composed by Jun Miyake, vocals by Lisa Papineau; soundtrack from Wim Wenders film on Pina Bausch.

Jennifer Blowdryer Collected Works: Writer and former lead singer of The Blowdryers, JENNIFER BLOWDRYER began screaming in a punk band called The Blowdryers in 1979, San Francisco. That’s where she got her name. “After all, anybody can just get born, but keeping a band together and staying raw is an accomplishment.” Her first book, Modern English, was a photo illustrated dictionary with chapters on Lounge Lizards, Cholos, and Drugs. In NYC, she started running Smut Fests in a lap dancing parlor in 1988, mixing sex workers with street performers. Her play White Trash Debutante ran at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, and in her latest book, Good Advice for Young Trendy People of all Ages, she hosts a party of the people some call freaks. (www.myspace.com/jenniferblowdryer and twitter.com/jenblowdryer)

Dj Margaret is joined by writer and artist JAIME CORTEZ about his upcoming show DiviNation at Martina } { Johnston in Berkeley, February 18–April 15, 2012; and writer ALVIN ORLOFF on his recently published novel titled “Why Aren’t You Smiling?” (Manic D Press 2011).

JAIME CORTEZ is a Bay Area writer and artist. His multidisciplinary visual art practice encompasses drawing, sculpture, photo and hybrid practices. His art has been shown at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Berkeley Art Museum, Oakland Museum, Southern Exposure, The Lab, Intersection for the Arts and Galería de la Raza. His stories have been published in over a dozen anthologies, most recently in “Why are Faggots so Afraid of Faggots,” edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. He is currently working on a new graphic novel focused on the epic working history of his immigrant father. He edited, among others, “Virgins, Guerrillas & Locas,” and the comic anthology “Turnover,” a finalist for Independent Book Publishers Award. He has also contributed on two book projects; a map for “Infinite City,” a collection of San Francisco maps and essays edited by Rebecca Solnit, and a story/ performance for “Kindergarde: Avant Garde Writing for Children” edited by Dana Teen Lomax.

ALVIN ORLOFF began writing in 1977 as a teenage lyricist for The Blowdryers, perhaps the campiest of all the early San Francisco punk bands. After studying sociology at UC Berkeley he dabbled in underground theater with The Sick & Twisted Players, performance art with the Popstitutes, and deejaying at Baby Judy’s Discotheque À Go-Go, before wholly succumbing to his literary pretensions. His writing can be found in numerous zines and anthologies, including Beyond Definition (Manic D Press, 1994), Tricks and Treats (Harrington Park Press 2000), and Pills, Chills, Thrills and Heartache (Alyson Press 2004). Orloff is also the co-author of transsexual showbiz memoir, The Unsinkable Bambi Lake (Manic D Press 1996). His novels include I Married An Earthling (Manic D Press 2000), a sci-fi send-up, and Gutter Boys (Manic D Press 2004), a twisted tale of debauchery and unrequited love set in early ‘80s New Wave Manhattan. Orloff most recent novel, Why Aren’t You Smiling? was released in Oct, 2011. Orloff lives in San Francisco’s über-trendy Mission District, works at Dog Eared Books, and is up for just about anything.

For more on JAIME CORTEZ and ALVIN ORLOFF visit:
Martina } { Johnston www.martinajohnston.org


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