KUSF In Exile 01.30.12 Midnight-3 AM The Music Room DJ Nathalie

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the music room (Music) with nathalie 01/31/2012 12:00AM to 03:00AM

12:00AM The Bearcat “Brown eyes” from At all (MP3)

12:03AM Drudkh “The Milky Way” from Songs of Grief and Solitude (Rock, 2006) on Season of Mist Underground Activists

12:12AM Alain Bashung “VENUS” from Bleu pétrole (2008) on Universal Music Division Barclay

12:17AM Aksak Maboul “DBB (Double Bind Baby)” from Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine (1977) on Crammed Discs

12:20AM Aksak Maboul “Milano Per Caso” from Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine (1977) on Crammed Discs

12:23AM Circle “Scoop” from meronia

12:26AM Sonfolk “Morning Has Borken” from Sonfolk (1971)

12:29AM The Bedlam Four “Hydrogen Bomb” from Hydrogen Bomb - Single

12:32AM The Vogue “A doll spits cubes” from Neon (austrian new wave and postpunk)

12:35AM The Spurtz “Boyfriends or your money back” from Messthetics #106-The Manchester musicians collective 77-82

12:38AM The Fall “Mountain Energy” from Country On the Click (2003) on Action Records

12:42AM The Fall “I've Seen Them Come” from Ersatz GB (2011) on Cherry Red Records

12:48AM Jerry Blue & Brothers “For nathalie” from For nathalie (Single)

12:51AM Chris Watson “El Divisadero” from El Tren Fantasma (2011) on Touch

12:57AM Chris Watson “Crucero la Joya” from El Tren Fantasma (2011) on Touch

01:01AM Alcest “Écailles de lune, pt. 2” from Écailles de lune (Rock, 2010) on Prophecy

01:11AM Jerry Goldsmith “Nervous man in a 4$ room” from The best of Rod Serling's the Twilight Zone

01:14AM Borful Tang “Sanctuary” from The Wire-Below the radar 5

01:17AM Egg “Fugue In D Minor” from Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word (Rock, 2005) on Delay 68 Records

01:20AM The Easy Beats “Friday On My Mind” from EASY (CD, Album, Rock, 1965) on Repertoire

01:23AM Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “Buck Angel” from Dracula Boots (2009) on In The Red (USA)

01:26AM The Gun Club “Walkin' With the Beast” from The Las Vegas Story (Rock, 2004) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

01:30AM The Gun Club “Texas Serenade” from MIAMI (2004) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

01:35AM Troy Schafer “APPARITION” from APPARITION (Single)

01:38AM Wolfgang Riechman “Silberland” from Wunderbar

01:41AM Kraftwerk “Die Mensch-Maschine” from Die Mensch-Maschine (1978) on Capitol Catalog

01:46AM The Flower Travellin' band “Satori Part I” from Satori

01:49AM Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra “Kollapz Tradixional (Thee Olde Dirty Flag)” from Kollaps Tradixionales (2010) on Constellation

01:55AM The Secret Chiefs 3 “Circumambulation” from Circumambulation (Single)

01:58AM Jeremy Jay “Lunar Camel” from Airwalker - EP (2007) on K Records

02:01AM Religious Knives “Decisions Are Made” from The Door (2008) on ecstatic peace

02:05AM Serge Gainsbourg “Des laids des laids” from Aux armes et caetera

02:08AM Dub Gabriel “Chasing the Paper (feat. Jah Dan)” from Anarchy & Alchemy (2008) on Destroy All Concepts

02:12AM Marianne Dissard “Cayenne” from L'Entredeux (CD, Album, World, 2008) on Marianne Dissard


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