KUSF In Exile 01.25.12 3-6 PM Guest Tom Guido DJ Bryan Chandler

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Bryan Chandler (Music) with Bryan Chandler 01/27/2012 04:00PM to 06:00PM

04:00PM Intro “Discovering Yourself With Astrology” from Astrology and You - How to Improve Your Life Using the Stars

04:03PM Fad Gadget “4M” from The Fad Gadget Singles (1986) on Mute Artists

04:06PM The Morlocks “By My Side” from By My Side (Single)

04:09PM Devo “Are You Experienced?” from Are You Experienced? (Single)

04:12PM Premiers “Get On This Plane” from Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets (1965-1968)

04:15PM Mashmakhan “Afraid of Losing You” from Psychedelic Essentials (Rock, 2011) on Master Classics Records

04:19PM Vic Goddard and The Subway Sect “Don't Split It” from Don't Split It (Single)

04:22PM Otherside “Say Those Magic Words” from Say Those Magic Words (Single)

04:25PM Maroons “No Conditions” from No Conditions (Single)

04:28PM Gilbert and Lewis “Time and Time” from Time and Time (Single)

04:31PM Bootsy Collins “The Pinocchio Theory” from Ahh... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (Rock, 1977) on Warner Bros.

04:37PM Colours “Love Heals” from Love Heals (Single)

04:40PM Pretenders “TALK of the TOWN” from THE SINGLES (Album, Rock, 2004) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

04:43PM Male M1 Spot “Comercial” from Comercial (Single)

04:46PM Grand Funk “Still Waiting” from Still Waiting (Single)

04:49PM Cave Dwellers “Workin Man” from Workin Man (Single)

04:52PM Sons of Champlin “?” from ? (Single)

04:55PM Patti Smith “Pumpin In My Heart” from Easter (CD, Album, Private, 1996) on Arista

04:58PM Sly and The Family Stone “Fun” from Fun (Single)

05:01PM Back Door Men “Outa my Mind” from Outa my Mind (Single)

05:04PM Human Beinz “Gotta Keep Pushin” from Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 (CD, Comp, Rock, 1972) on Rhino

05:07PM Syndicate Of Sound “Little Girl” from More '50s Oldies But Goodies (2009) on Burning Fire

05:10PM The Beau Brummels “When It Comes To Love” from Good Time Music (Rock, 2003) on Blaricum CD Company (B.C.D.) B.V.

05:12PM THE HOOK “Son Of Fantasy II” from Hooked (Rock, 2011) on Master Classics Records

05:18PM Active and Kickin “Tighter and Tighter” from Down On the Upside

05:21PM Omnibus “The Man Song” from The Man Song - Single

05:24PM Mary Jane Soundtrack “Persuit” from Persuit (Single)

05:27PM Not Quite “War Or Hands Of Time” from Complete Recordings 1965-1968

05:30PM Blues Magoos “Gotta Get Away” from Psycedelic Lollipop (CD, Album, Private, 2005) on Repertoire

05:33PM Morlocks “Project Blue” from Project Blue (Single)

05:36PM Children “Sporting Life” from Sporting Life (Single)

05:39PM Monkees “Circle Sky” from Circle Sky (Single)

05:42PM Nite Lighters “KJEE” from KJEE (Single)

05:45PM Dwarves “Get Out of My Life (Horror Stories)” from Lick It (Vinyl Collection) (1983) on Greedy Media

05:46PM Judy Franklin and The Hippies “Let Me Go Boy” from Let Me Go Boy (Single)

05:49PM The Lime “Love a Go Go” from Vansbro Memories

05:52PM Tuxedomoon “Midnight Stroll” from Midnight Stroll (Single)

05:55PM Steppinwolf “Sparkle Eyes” from For LADIES Only

05:58PM The Arrows “Moon Dawg!” from Hawaii Five-0 & The Greatest Surf Hits (Remastered)

06:01PM Sugarloaf “Texas Two Lane” from Don't Call Us We'll Call You (2010) on GAMC

06:04PM The Sunglows “Texas Two Lane” from Don't Call Us We'll Call You

06:07PM The Music Explosion “What did I do to deserve this” from Baby, This Is The 60s (2011) on Sunset

06:10PM Jefferson Airplane “She Has Funny Cars” from Surrealistic Pillow (LP, Album, Private, 2003) on RCA/BMG Heritage

06:14PM The Mighty Tom Cats “Soul Makossa” from Soul Makossa (2008) on Traffic Entertainment / Paul Winley Records

06:18PM Grand Funk “I WANT FREEDOM” from SURVIVAL (Rock, 2002) on Capitol Catalog

06:24PM Forum Quorum “Your Turn To Cry” from Psychedelic Essentials (Rock, 2011) on Master Classics Records

06:27PM Otherside “Streetcar” from Streetcar (Single)

06:30PM Mary Jane Soundtrack “??” from ?? (Single)

06:33PM The Sons Of Champlin “SIng Me a Rainbow” from Fat City (Rock, 1999) on Ace Records

06:37PM The Nightlighters “Tanga Boo Gonk” from Tanga Boo Gonk (Single)

06:40PM The Music Explosion “A Little Bit O' Soul” from Capitol Golden Classic Rock (2011) on Mixed Repertoire

06:42PM Sugar Loaf & Jerry Corbetta “Don't Call Us, We'll Call You” from One Hit Wonders (2010) on Universal Music B.V.

06:45PM Steppenwolf?? “??” from ?? (Single)

06:45PM Steppenwolf?? “??” from ?? (Single)

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