KUSF In Exile 01.18.12 3-6 PM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

iPhone and iPad Player

thee mighty caesars -- lie detector
trumans water -- jagged bottlecap jangle
tiki men -- first love, first tears

barron/carter/foster -- song for my father
alice coltrane -- sivaya
dumisani abraham maraire -- urombo
imamu amiri baraka -- kutoa sifa/answers in progress/all in the street

harold budd -- children on the hill/widows charm/the serpent (in quicksilver)
john abercrombie -- ralph's piano waltz
grouper -- demona
broadcast -- ominous cloud/oh how i miss you

yoshi wada -- lament for the rise and fall of the elephantine crocodile, part 1

jerry jeff walker -- blues in your mind
terry reid -- faith to arise
tommy jay/mike rep -- learn to ride
fred mcdowell -- lord have mercy
joe bonner -- celebration
augustus pablo -- memories of the ghetto
cyrille/lee/lyons -- in these last days

phill niblock -- a third trombone

wipers -- doom town
slapp happy -- the drum
dolly mixture -- ernie ball
fuzzbox -- love is the slug

buddy terry -- abscretions
billy harper -- new breed
joe henderson -- immaculate deception