KUSF In Exile 01.09.12 Noon-3 PM Alien Frequency with Tony Vaguely DJ Evyn Stevyn

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ALIEN FREQUENCY with Tony Vaguely & Evyn Stevyn

Brian James- I Can Make You Cry
Sheb Wooley- Purple People Eater
Sonic Youth- Star Powerr

The Fabulous Stains- Professionals
kids music
Munster's Theme
Tony Vaguely- Graveyard Love
Parliament- Flashlight
Macho Duck

Invasion of the Body Snatchers- Flight
Archers Of Loaf- Web In Front

L7- Shove
Bad REligion- Portrait of Authority
The Ohio Players- Roller Coaster of Love
Trans Am- 4,738 Regrets
Scooby Doo
Siouxsee- Christine

Porcelain Raft- Is It Too Deep For You?
Strawberry Alarm Clock- Pretty Song
Angel- On & On
Ramones- I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
Peter Pan- Do Things Right

Fucked Up- Queen Of Hearts
Nomeansno- Forward To Death
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Black Tongue
Betty White- Nosebleed
No Bunny- Hippy Witch
The Sound- Longest Days
Kristen Hersch- Your Dirty Answer
Exercise #10
Clinic- Walkking With Thee

Vetiver- You May Be Blue
Beach Fossils- Lazy Days
Hanoi Rocks- I Can't Get It
QOTSA- Better Living Through Chemistry
Knotted Chord- Glory Say Golden Hello
Man Or Astroman?- Maximum Radiation Level
Grandaddy- Kim, You Bore Me To Death

Tony Vaguely- Brains
The Judds- I Wish She Wouldn't Treat You That Way
Frank Black- Sugar Daddy
Eddie Lee Jones & The Family- I May Never See You Anymore

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Anonymous said...

love the mash-ups and statanic kids records, tony needs to be louder, give him lots coffee or a caffeine IV drip lol wish you guys had a regular slot! get one love this shit!! : )