KUSF In Exile 01.04.12 3-6 PM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident.mp3

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gary bartz NTU troop -- teheran
eddie henderson -- dreams

eurythmics -- she's invisible now
metal mountains -- structures in the sun
davey williams -- apotheosis of the whimsy-horse
the music improvisation company -- third stream boogaloo

frank wright -- china pt 1
frank lowe -- in trane's name

frank lowe -- in trane's name (cont)
maggi payne -- solar wind
charalambides -- silvatica

dennis gonzalez -- sleep sailor/air light
brother ahh -- beyond youself (the midnight confession)
revolutionary ensemble -- hu-man
andrew cyrille & maono -- connaturally

pauline oliveros -- a love song
stenson/andersen/christensen -- tant w.
maclise/conrad -- untitled (excerpt from dreamweapon III)

marzette watts -- backdrop for urban revolution, pt 2
endless boogie -- vibe killer

kim phuc -- animal mother
great plains -- letter to a fanzine
archers of loaf -- web in front

excerpts from hugh tracey's instruments of africa

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