KUSF In Exile 12.26.11 Noon-3 PM DJ Tony Vaguely and Evyn Stevyn

iPhone and iPad Player

Deadlines: Go Go To the Graveyard
The Cure: Pornography
The Plasmatics: Monkey Suit
Thee Oh Sees:
John Denver: The Wings That Fly Us Home w/ Earthquake Sndtrk
Forbidden Planet Sndtrk

Love & Rockets: Lucifer Sam
Lene Lovich: New Toy
Wild In The Streets Sndtrk: 52% (special 99% version)
The Fall: No Xmas For John Key
Apache: Hospital Bed

Pylon: Crazy
Suzanne Fellini: Maing Love On The Phone
Lydia Lunch: Tied & Twist
The Descendants: GCF
Haunted George: Son Of Satan
Nick Cave:
Feederz: Terrorist
Another Pretty Face: All the Boys Love Carrie

Blue Oyster Cult: 7 Screamin Dizzbusters
Midnight Bombers: American Sex
The Do Re Mi Children's Chorus (He'll Love You As You Are) w/ the You Suck Chant by You Suck
TRex: Girl
Hole: Reasons To Be Beautiful
Suspect Device: The Image Has Cracked

The Readymaders: 415 Music
Kid Congo: Tahitian Holiday
Spike Jones: Nutcracker Suite on 33
???: Ha Ha Ha
Plastikman (Hypokondriak) w/ Dick Hyman's Moog Music and Forbidden Planet

Wild In The Streets sndtrk: The Shape Of Things To Come
Melted Toys: Washed & Dried
Morrisey: The Last Of the Famous International Playboys
We Like Cats: Meow Hear Me Roar
Onuma Singsiri: Mae Kha Som Tam
Kosok Tee Dat: Plearn Prondan
Howlin Rain: Good Life
Persephone's Bees: City of Love


Anonymous said...

Love it! Best show I've heard in ages!

Anonymous said...

More! This was epic!!

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