KUSF In Exile 12.25.11 4-6 PM Nobody Cares DJ Nobody

Showtunes. Balkan. Noise rock. Drum and Bass. 60s Psychadelic. What do these genres have in common? Nothing. That's why Nobody plays them back to back! Join dj Nobody every Sunday from 4-6 pm (PST) to hear quirky news, entertaining musical selections and live interviews, only on KUSF in Exile. 'Nobody Cares' ... take it however you want.

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ren & Stimpy: I Hate Christmas

dj the One Man Party: A Mover La Colita

Harmonica: Year of Jubilo

Nu tone & Commix: take me back

tsunami: Beauty Pt. 2 (Incline plane comp.)

Superchunk: Baxter (Incline Plane comp.)

George Carlin: Occupation Foole (Occupation Foole)

Gerald Hawk: Merry Christmas album

tom waits: After You Die (Bad As Me)

the Cars: Bye Bye Love / Moving in Stereo (s/t)

Kenny & Mr. Hanky: Most Offensive Song Ever

Mary Jane Girls: All Night Long

Lightning Bolt: Longstockings (Wonderful rainbow)

My Morning Jacket: Moving Away (Circuital)

Buena Vista Social Club: Veinte Años (s/t)

Battlehooch: take the L train (Piecechow)

Kraftwerk: Kling Klang Dynamix (Aerodynamik)

Shuggie Oats: Freedom Flight

I am Weasel poem (played over Freedom Flight)

Neutral Milk Hotel: Marching theme (On Avery Island)

Santa and Jesus singing Christmas Carols (South Park)

America: Sandman (s/t)

Jack and the Beanstalk 1970 movie: Are You Happy?

Black Keys: I Cry Alone (thick freakness)

God Bullies: Bullet (Smells like Smoked Sausages) forty five: Noise Amphetamine reptile records

Big Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: History of Sex (13)

Spectrum: I’ll Be Gone (1971)

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