KUSF In Exile 12.22.11 6-9 AM DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

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The Vortex (Music) with Jennifer Marie Joyce 12/15/2011 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:00AM Amon Tobin “Keep Your DIstance” from Foley Room (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on Ninja Tune

06:09AM Storm Bugs “Blackheath Episode” from A Safe Substitute (CD, Album, Private)

06:14AM Lulu “To Sir With Love” from To Sir With Love (1967) on Legacy Recordings

06:21AM The Magnetic Fields “Sweet-Lovin' Man” from 69 Love Songs (Rock, 2004) on Domino Records

06:26AM Stevie Wonder & Grover “a Thing” from a Thing (Single)

06:27AM Shirley Temple “That's What I Want For Christmas” from Shirley Temple's When I Grow Up (2006) on Charly Records

06:37AM America “Lonely People” from AMERICA (CD, Album, Rock, 1972) on Warner 1061

06:39AM King Missile “So Happy” from Royal Lunch (MP3, Album, Private, 2004) on Important

06:43AM Stan Ridgway “Knife and Fork” from Black Diamond (1998) on New West Records

06:50AM Mekanik Kommando “Crow” from Entangled By Colours (LP, Album, Private, 1979)

06:52AM Foibles “Suburban Trampoline Casualties” from Solid Rock Baptist Church Rummage Sale (1998) on Crank & Rattle Records

06:54AM Slim Moon “Critterville” from Won't You Dance With This Man? (1997) on Kill Rock Stars

07:00AM The Zombies “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” from Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Single)

07:01AM Mark Lanegan Band “The Gravedigger's Song” from The Gravedigger's Song - Single (2011) on 4AD

07:15AM The Gothic Archies “CROWS” from The Tragic Treasury: Songs from a Series of Unfortunate Events (2006) on Nonesuch

07:18AM Stranglers “GOLDEN BROWN” from GOLDEN BROWN (MP3, Album, Private, 2002) on transparent

07:21AM Clan Of Xymox “Agonized By Love” from Clan Of Xymox (2000) on Metropolis Records

07:31AM The Tubes “Turn Me On” from Remote Control (CD, Album, Private, 1979) on a & m

07:37AM David Byrne “Big Business” from Catherine Wheel S/T

07:42AM Foibles “future darwin youth for a better yesterday” from holly ann place

07:43AM The Knife “We Share Our Mother's Health” from Silent Shout (2006) on BRILLE AIP

07:47AM Phantogram “Make A Fist” from Eyelid Movies (2010) on Indica Records/Fontana North

07:51AM Robyn “Include Me Out” from Include Me Out (Single)

07:55AM Modeselektor “Berlin (feat. Miss Platnum)” from Monkeytown (2011) on Monkeytown Records

08:01AM Mux Mool “Death 9000” from Skulltaste (2010) on Ghostly International/Moodgadget Records

08:07AM Robyn (featuring Royskopp) “None of Dem” from None of Dem (Single)

08:16AM King Missile “Hamsters” from The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (2003) on Instinct Records

08:20AM Paul McCartney “Goodnight Tonight” from All The Best

08:24AM Slim Moon “Legion of Doom” from Won't You Dance With This Man? (1997) on Kill Rock Stars

08:25AM The New Pornographers “Your Hands (Together)” from TOGETHER (CD, Album, Rock, 2010) on Matador Records

08:29AM The Donner Party “Would You Like to have Something to Eat” from Would You Like to have Something to Eat (Single)

08:30AM Severed Heads “Triangle Tangle Tango” from Rotund for Success (1988) on LTM Recordings

08:34AM Peggy Lee “Talking To Myself About You” from A Vow We Made

08:37AM XBXRX “Appalachian Snake Charmer” from Appalachian Snake Charmer (Single)

08:48AM Pinback “Crutch” from Pinback (1999) on Ace Fu Records

08:50AM Oneida “Sheets of Easter” from Each One Teach One (Rock, 2002) on Jagjaguwar

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