KUSF In Exile 12.20.11 Noon-3 PM DJ Nathan

iPhone and iPad Player

*Guest DJ Nathan Berlinguette - 7" Set

The Mantles - Burden
The Mantles - Walk with Me
Aislers Set - Summer Reprise
Mirror Dash - Electric Pen
Imperial Teen - Sweet and Touching
Cardinal Sin - Market Street
Eux Autres - Teenage Christmas
Melt Banana - Wedge
Melt Banana - Seesaw Semiology
Melt Banana - Cough Coughed Coughing
Melt Banana - Q for Quinine
No Doctors - T Bone Pt 1
The VSS - Cosmic Retribution
Slant 6 - Rebel Rebel Bat Cat
Cardinal Sin - Angela Carter
The Stand - Living Conditions
The Stand - Welcome to California
Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar
DJ Shadow - Organ Donor (extended overhaul)
Jello Biafra - Die for Oil Sucker
Bikini Kill - Suck My Left One
Tribe 8 - Manipulate
Sam's Laff - Too Fucking Sick
Amps for Christ - Oh Amerigo
Hoover - Two Down
The Jesus Lizard - Wheelchair Epidemic
Sonic Youth - Superstar
Polar Goldie Cats - Dut Dut Che Che
Lincoln - Sugarloaf
Cupid Car Club - Edge of the Envelope
Miranda July w/The Need - Margie Ruskie Stops Time
Lost Goat - Golem
Dragon Rojo - Too Many Friends
Jello Biafra - Pledge Of Allegiance
Universal Order of Armageddon
Merel - Shivering Through the Weathering
Brujeria - Padre Nuestro
God Is My Co-Pilot - Straight Not
God Is My Co-Pilot - Eye Contact
God Is My Co-Pilot - Suck On Some Ice
Vegan Reich I, The Jury
Iconoclast - I Like You Less Than Apple Pie
Sonic Youth - Brave Men Run
Stinking Lizzeveta - Crooked Teeth
Autoclave - Go Far
Native Nod - Back To Mimsey
No Doctors - T Bone 2
The Mantles - Bad Design
Eux Autres - Another Christmas At Home
Remy Zero - Shadowcasting
Ratt - Round and Round

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