KUSF In Exile 12.19.11 9-Noon DJ Even Stevyn

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evyn stevyn (Music) with evyn stevyn 12/19/2011 09:00AM to 12:00PM

08:56AM Richard Pinhas & Merzbow “Rhizome 1” from Rhizome 1 (Single)

08:59AM Tim Hecker “Sketch_1” from Sketch_1 (Single)

09:02AM Vladislav Delay “Stop Talking” from Stop Talking (Single)

09:05AM Him “Of The Periphery” from Of The Periphery (Single)

09:08AM 23 Skidoo “Kendang” from Kendang (Single)

09:11AM T.A.G.C. “Balag Anti/Chozzar Over Abyss” from Balag Anti/Chozzar Over Abyss (Single)

09:14AM Black To Comm “Mulik Fur Alle” from Mulik Fur Alle (Single)

09:17AM Abel Steinberg Winant Trio/ Lou Harrison “Varied Trio pt2” from Varied Trio pt2 (Single)

09:20AM James Blackshaw “O True Believers” from O True Believers (Single)

09:23AM Marissa Nadler “Annabelle Lee” from Annabelle Lee (Single)

09:26AM Joan Baez “Railroad Boy” from Railroad Boy (Single)

09:29AM Emily Jane White “Bessie Smith” from Bessie Smith (Single)

09:32AM El Perro Del Mar “Coming Down The Hill” from Coming Down The Hill (Single)

09:35AM Bollock Brothers “Rock n Roll Suicide” from Rock n Roll Suicide (Single)

09:38AM Art Interface “Commie Plot” from Commie Plot (Single)

09:41AM First Moog Quartet “Hey Hey” from Hey Hey (Single)

09:44AM Jean Jacques Perrey “Gossipo Perpetuo” from Gossipo Perpetuo (Single)

09:47AM First Moog Quartet “Shank” from Shank (Single)

09:50AM Orchid Spangiafora “Dime Operation” from Dime Operation (Single)

09:53AM FElix Kubin “Lightning Strikes” from Lightning Strikes (Single)

09:56AM Crash Course In Science “Cardboard Lamb” from Cardboard Lamb (Single)

09:59AM Hybrid Kidz “Do Ya Think I'm Sexy” from Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Single)

10:02AM Der Plan “Lebdoch” from Lebdoch (Single)

10:05AM If-Then-Else “Sidewalker” from Sidewalker (Single)

10:08AM Martial Canterel “Refuge Underneath” from Refuge Underneath (Single)

10:11AM The Soft Moon “Repetition” from Repetition (Single)

10:14AM Kito “Dildo Drumbop” from Dildo Drumbop (Single)

10:17AM Thornbjorn Gronning “Europa” from Europa (Single)

10:20AM Pink Section “Francine's List” from Francine's List (Single)

10:23AM Qluster “Live IN Schoneberg 3” from Live IN Schoneberg 3 (Single)

10:26AM Andrew Liles “Defiled (at the crossroads)” from Defiled (at the crossroads) (Single)

10:29AM Prurient “Sugar Cane Chapel” from Sugar Cane Chapel (Single)

10:32AM Colin Potter “Relentless Repentance” from Relentless Repentance (Single)

10:35AM Van Canto “Master of Puppets” from Master of Puppets (Single)

10:38AM Tonio K “Funky Western Civilization” from Funky Western Civilization (Single)

10:41AM Ali Helnwein “Destroy Your Beautiful Life” from Destroy Your Beautiful Life (Single)

10:44AM Sparks “This Town Ain't Big Enough (w/ Faith No More)” from This Town Ain't Big Enough (w/ Faith No More) (Single)

10:47AM LOW “JUst Stand Back” from JUst Stand Back (Single)

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