KUSF In Exile 12.12.11 9-Noon DJ Even Stevyn

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evyn stevyn (Music) with evyn stevyn 12/12/2011 09:00AM to 12:00PM

08:56AM Mountains “Melodica” from Melodica (Single)

08:59AM Robert Rich/Alio Die “A Canopy of Shivers” from A Canopy of Shivers (Single)

09:02AM Nick parkin “Erebus” from Erebus (Single)

09:05AM Tim Hecker “In the Fog 1-3” from In the Fog 1-3 (Single)

09:08AM Folja “Fumimar” from Fumimar (Single)

09:11AM Ultravox “My Sex” from My Sex (Single)

09:14AM Stephan Mathieu “Fur Frans” from Fur Frans (Single)

09:17AM Ludovico Einaudi “Ultimi Fuochi” from Ultimi Fuochi (Single)

09:20AM X-Ray Press “untitled” from untitled (Single)

09:23AM So Percussion/ Matmos “Water” from Water (Single)

09:26AM Moritz Von Oswold Trio “Vertical Ascent pt4” from Vertical Ascent pt4 (Single)

09:29AM Flying Lizards “Russia” from Russia (Single)

09:32AM Most Significant Beat “Madrid Mix pt 3” from Madrid Mix pt 3 (Single)

09:35AM Chris & Cosey “Illusion” from Illusion (Single)

09:38AM Merzbow “Track 2” from Track 2 (Single)

09:41AM Tomoe Ryu Yutakadaiko “Kaikyo” from Kaikyo (Single)

09:44AM K-Branding “Driller (excerpt)” from Driller (excerpt) (Single)

09:47AM Bruno Coulais “After the Hunt/The Paper Parrot” from After the Hunt/The Paper Parrot (Single)

09:50AM Meredith Monk “The Tale” from The Tale (Single)

09:53AM Iva Bittova/Bang On a can “Maliai V Parizi” from Maliai V Parizi (Single)

09:56AM Baby Dee “Look What the Wind Blew In” from Look What the Wind Blew In (Single)

10:02AM Marianne Faithful “Incineration of a Flower Child” from Incineration of a Flower Child (Single)

10:05AM Virginia Astley “Out On the Lawn I Lie In Bed” from Out On the Lawn I Lie In Bed (Single)

10:08AM Kate Bush “Lake Tahoe” from Lake Tahoe (Single)

10:11AM Marissa Nadler “Days of Rum” from Days of Rum (Single)

10:14AM Pamela Z “Obsession, Addiction & the Aristotelian Curve” from Obsession, Addiction & the Aristotelian Curve (Single)

10:17AM COIL “Going Up” from Going Up (Single)

10:20AM E. Koestyara & Group Gapura “Kaleran” from Kaleran (Single)

10:23AM The Beekeeper's Dream “Rupert Writes A Rainbow” from Rupert Writes A Rainbow (Single)

10:26AM M83 “Year One, One UFO” from Year One, One UFO (Single)

10:29AM Peter Gabriel “And Through The Wire” from And Through The Wire (Single)

10:32AM Swans “Most Unfortunate Lie” from Most Unfortunate Lie (Single)

10:35AM Scratch Acid “Lay Screaming” from Lay Screaming (Single)

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