KUSF In Exile 12.11.11 4-6 PM Nobody Cares DJ Nobody

Showtunes. Balkan. Noise rock. Drum and Bass. 60s Psychadelic. What do these genres have in common? Nothing. That's why Nobody plays them back to back! Join dj Nobody every Sunday from 4-6 pm (PST) to hear quirky news, entertaining musical selections and live interviews, only on KUSF in Exile. 'Nobody Cares' ... take it however you want.

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Yezda Urfa: Almost Four, 6 Yea
the rolling stones: Dance Little Sister (Made in the Shade)
Limes: Merrilly (taranula plus blue blood) goner records
Dystrophic: #1-6 (s/t, self released, 2010)
White Stripes: We're Going to be Friends (White Blood Cells)
Sarah Vaughan: April in Paris (s/t)
Major Lazer: Original Don feat. the Partysquad
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains: Hipshot from the Slab (Big Ball in the Sky)
Dan Deacon: Get Older (Bromst)
Danny Byrd: Changes, Calibre remix (Hospital Mix 1)
Dara Puspita: Pantai Pataya, Pataya Beach (1966-'68)
Dosh: Wolves (Wolves & Wishes)
Fleshtones: return to the haunted house (Live in Paris '85)
Ear Pwr: Diamonds Liquor Leather (Super Animal Brothers III)
Big Brother & the Holding Company: Combination of the two (Cheap thrills)
Eas tapes: tenderizer (Dos Mutantes)
tom tom Club: Sunshine & Sensi Mix (Sunshine & Ecstasy)
Edith Frost: My Lover Won't Call (It's a Game)
Cream: White room (Live Vol. II)
Lemon D: Patience/Project 1 feat. S.P.Y. (two techniques)
Fa Freddy's Drop: Cay's Crays (Based on a true Story)
Devo: ton o'Luv (s/t, played at 45 speed)
Flaming Lips: See the Leaves (Embryonic)
Cheech & Chong: Earache My Eye (Wedding Album)

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