KUSF In Exile 12.07.11 7-9 PM Battle Flutes and Sideways Skulls DJ Allen


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horrox said...

here's the playlist:

CARL STONE "L'Os a Moelle" from the album Al-Noor (Intone Music)
THE EMPEROR MACHINE "Non-Functioning Apeman" from the What's In The Box? ep (DC Recordings)
HOLLOW MIRRORS "Fading Twilight" from the lp Hollow Mirrors (self-released)
ERNST SCHULTZ "Paranoia Picknick" from the album Paranoia Picknick (Ohrwaschl)
MIRI "Gooa Konan" from the album Okkar (Kimi)
SCORN "The Wizard" from the compilation Masters Of Misery - Black Sabbath: An Earache Tribute (Earache/Toy's Factory)
THE ONES "Lady Greengrass" from the collection Ultima Thule: The Electronic Magic of Tangerine Dream (Landmark)
CHILDREN OF DOOM "...Mia's Desert..." from the album Doom, Be Doomed, Or Fuck Off (Emanes Metal)
GRAVESTONE "Fly Like An Eagle" from the album Victim Of Chains (Scratch/Karthago)
UNCANNY "Lepra" from the album Splenium For Nyktophobia (Dark Descent)
21. PERON "18400 TL" from the album 21. Peron (Arkaplan)
VEKTOR "Cosmic Cortex" from the album Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillery)
TO ROCOCO ROT "He Loves Me" from the album Veiculo (City Slang)
HILLS "Rise Again" from Master Sleeps (Transubstans)

Bed music:
RV PAINTINGS Samoa Highway LP (Helen Scarsdale Agency)