KUSF In Exile 12.06.11 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

6-9 am The Stevil show is a moody collage of music that soothes and attacks your senses every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.  If music is the language of the heart, then the Stevil show is hieroglyphics on the caverns of the aorta.

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Stevil Show (Music) with Stevil 12/06/2011 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:10AM Hassle Hound “A Song Seldom Sung” from Born In a Night (2010) on Staubgold

06:16AM Ken Nordine “Fuschia” from Colors

06:20AM William Shatner “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Seeking Major Tom (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on Cleopatra

06:24AM Liars “Broken Witch” from They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Mute

06:31AM Fugazi “Merchandise” from Repeater + 3 Songs (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Dischord (USA)

06:34AM Hobocop “Togos Commercial” from Hobocop

06:35AM Japanther “Wolfenswan” from Yer Living Grave (2005) on Menlo Park Recordings

06:38AM Mclusky “Whoyouknow” from mcluskyism (2006) on Too Pure

06:40AM A Frames “Search and Rescue” from 2 (2003) on S.S. Records

06:46AM DJ Me DJ You “Software Fantasy” from Rainbows and Robots

06:50AM Crystal Castles “Magic Spells” from Crystal Castles (MP3, Single, Private, 2008) on Different ([PIAS] Recordings)

06:57AM Young Marble Giants “N.I.T.A.” from Colossal Youth (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on Domino Recording Co. LTD

07:00AM Ladytron “International Dateline” from Witching Hour (2005) on Ladytron/Cobraside

07:04AM Midnight Movies “Love or a Lesson” from Midnight Movies (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Ryko/Rhino

07:08AM Television Personalities “Three Wishes” from Yes Darling, But Is It Art (2006) on Fire Records

07:13AM Nodzzz “I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)” from I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana) / We Are the Only Animals - Single (2007) on Make A Mess Records

07:14AM Black Lips “Again & Again” from 200 Million Thousand (Rock, 2009) on Speak n Spell

07:17AM Ben Vaughn “Groswin' a Beard” from Mood Swings 90-85 & More (CD, Album, Rock, 1992) on restless

07:23AM Sammy Davis Jr. “In The Ghetto” from The Golden Throats 2

07:26AM Sleepytime Gorilla Museum “The Creature” from Of Natural History (MP3, Album, Private, 2004) on Web of Mimicry

07:32AM Shonen Knife “Concrete Animals” from Rock Animals

07:36AM Irving Klaw Trio “Cubano Saucer” from Utek Pahtoo Moyoi

07:42AM Marc Ribot “HAVE A NICE DAY” from Rootless Cosmopolitans (1990) on Universal-Island Records Ltd.

07:46AM The Fall “New Big Prinz” from I Am Kurious Oranj (1988) on Beggars Banquet

07:54AM Radio Massacre International “SYD” from Rain Falls in Grey (2007) on Cuneiform Records

07:57AM Mammatus “Dragon of the Deep Part 1” from Mammatus (2009) on Rocket Recordings

08:05AM White Mice “Mousetrap” from ASSPhIXXXEATATESHUN

08:08AM Slotek “Bring The Love” from Hydrophonic (1998) on WordSound Recordings

08:14AM Joey Ramone “I've Got a Ghost in My House” from Don't Worry About Me (2002) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

08:17AM On the Go “Leather Boy” from Leather Boy (Single)

08:20AM Maus Haus “Radio Dials Die” from Maus Haus (CD, 2010)

08:25AM Chain & The Gang “For Practical Reason (I Love You)” from Music's Not for Everyone (2011) on K Records

08:28AM Fungi Girls “All Night Blues” from Some Easy Magic on Hozac Records (USA)

08:31AM The La Drivers Union Por Por Group “Por Por Horn-to-Horn Fireworks” from Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana (2007) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

08:33AM Giant Haystacks “How We Lost The War” from How We Lost The War

08:37AM Dum Dum Girls “Just a Creep” from Only In Dreams (CD, Album, Rock, 2011) on Sub Pop

08:40AM Fucked Up “The Other Shoe” from David Comes to Life (CD, 2011) on Matador (USA)

08:45AM Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “Bubble Trouble” from Gorilla Rose (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

08:48AM Las Kellies “Keep the Horse” from Kellies (CD, 2011) on Fire

08:51AM Negative Trend “Black and Red” from Negative Trend - EP (2006) on 2.13.61 Records

08:55AM Wet Dog “New Year” from Frauhaus! (2011) on Captured

08:58AM The Boys Next Door “Dive Position” from Door, Door (2009) on Mute Records

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