KUSF In Exile 12.05.11 9-Noon DJ Even Stevyn

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evyn stevyn (Music) with evyn stevyn 12/05/2011 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:00AM The Lickets “The Interval Between the Ordered Worlds” from The Interval Between the Ordered Worlds (Single)

09:03AM Throbbing Gristle “Rabbit Snare” from Rabbit Snare (Single)

09:06AM Kate Bush “Snowflake” from Snowflake (Single)

09:09AM Popnoname “Nightliner” from Nightliner (Single)

09:12AM Closer Musik “Maria” from Maria (Single)

09:15AM S.E.V.A. “The Tides of Titan” from The Tides of Titan (Single)

09:21AM Yello “Great Mission” from Great Mission (Single)

09:24AM Pieter Nooten “Searching” from Searching (Single)

09:27AM The Soft Moon “Visions” from Visions (Single)

09:30AM Ben Thompson “Electric Wolf” from Electric Wolf (Single)

09:33AM Arto Lindsay “Lights Move Away” from Lights Move Away (Single)

09:36AM HOOD “You Show No Emotion At All” from You Show No Emotion At All (Single)

09:39AM Ginger Baker “Alamout” from Alamout (Single)

09:42AM Ulan Bator “Soeur Violence” from Soeur Violence (Single)

09:45AM Silvio Caldas “Passarihno” from Passarihno (Single)

09:48AM Antena “Unable” from Unable (Single)

09:51AM Poison Girls “Piano Lessons” from Piano Lessons (Single)

09:54AM COIL “Things Happen” from Things Happen (Single)

09:57AM Sprung Aus Den Wolken “Lust, Last, Liebt” from Lust, Last, Liebt (Single)

10:00AM Royal Family & the Poor “Creatura” from Creatura (Single)

10:03AM Dan Friel “Desert Song” from Desert Song (Single)

10:06AM Rema Rema “Rema Rema” from Rema Rema (Single)

10:09AM Aerosmith “Nobody's Fault” from Nobody's Fault (Single)

10:12AM Carl Calm “Adolescent Wavelength” from Adolescent Wavelength (Single)

10:15AM The Aryan aquarians “Dangerous” from Dangerous (Single)

10:18AM The Cure “One Hundred Years” from One Hundred Years (Single)

10:21AM Interference “Interference vs. the 13 Devils of Syncopation (David Last Remix)” from Interference vs. the 13 Devils of Syncopation (David Last Remix) (Single)

10:24AM Jaggernaut “Dirty Strip” from Dirty Strip (Single)

10:27AM Volcano the Bear “Hairy Queen” from Hairy Queen (Single)

10:30AM Bush Tetras “Cowboys In Africa” from Cowboys In Africa (Single)

10:33AM Abwarts “Mehr” from Mehr (Single)

10:39AM Half Japanese “Love Lasts” from Love Lasts (Single)

10:42AM Mr. Gnome “Wolf Girls” from Wolf Girls (Single)

10:45AM Chameleons “Monkeyland” from Monkeyland (Single)

10:48AM Disco Infereno “Footprints in the Snow” from Footprints in the Snow (Single)

10:51AM Lithops “Folio Final” from Folio Final (Single)

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