KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 8-10 PM The Cotton Exchange DJ Pete Accident

Blues like you want to hear....


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state street ramblers -- my baby
tom dorsey -- mississippi bottom blues
frankie jaxon -- jive man blues
frankie jaxon -- it's heated

EC ball -- tribulations
memphis minnie -- keep it to yourself
mosby family singers -- eternal life
straight street holiness group -- come on

sidney maiden -- eclipse of the sun
willie b. huff -- beggar man blues
blind blake -- rope stretchin' blues
alabama sacred harp singers -- antioch
alabama sacred harp singers -- calvary
john fahey -- bean vine blues, part 2

charley patton -- a spoonful blues
charley patton -- shake it and break it
charley patton -- going to move to alabama

EC ball -- please let me stay a little longer
EC ball -- father, jesus loves you
blue sky boys -- wild and reckless hobo
jim & bob (the genial hawaiians) -- sweet georgia brown
nap hayes & matthew prater -- somethin' doin'

foneska & party -- kapirigna
bhoora singh & party -- jat song
noah lewis -- devil in the woodpile
lonnie johnson -- uncle ned don't lose your head
lonnie johnson -- winnie the wailer

whistling bob howe & frankie griggs -- the coldest stuff in town
tommy bradley & james cole -- adam and eve
scrapper blackwell -- penal farm blues
roosevelt sykes -- you so dumb
roosevelt sykes -- no good woman blues

furry lewis -- rock island blues
furry lewis -- judge harsh blues

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