KUSF In Exile 11.23.11 3-6 PM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

iPhone and iPad Player

terry riley -- persian surgery dervishes (LA 4/18/71)
james ferraro -- clear (excerpt)

julian priester -- polarization
blues control & laraaji -- light ships
the shadow ring -- i am the lighthouse
the dead c -- voodoo spell

don cherry -- tarot will teach you/isla (the sapphic sleep)
jon gibson -- visitations, part 1

david murray/kahlil el'zabar -- golden sea
david toop -- the chairs story

arthur russell -- let's go swimming
la monte young/marian zazeela -- 13 I 73 5:35 - 6:14:03 PM NYC

the velvet underground -- the black angel's death song
pearl divers' song (ocora -- pecheurs de perles
oneohtrix point never -- betrayed in the octagon

jordan de la sierra -- gymnosphere, part 2
harold budd -- bismillahi `rrahman `rrahim
the taj-mahal travellers between 7:03-7:15pm

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