KUSF In Exile 11.17.11 9 30-12 30 AM PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE ECLECTIC DJ Toast

iPhone and iPad Player

with TOAST 11/18/11
9 to Midnight

La Plebe: La Soledad / Guerra Sucia
Women In Prison: Circles & Circles
Wooden Shjips: Home
Past Planes: Light Goes On
The Love Dimension: The Dark Night of Your Soul
Lumerians: Burning Mirrors
Reatards: Not Your Man
East Bay Grease: Happily Married Man
Giant Haystacks: How We Lost The War / The Pigs vs The Kids
Grant Hart: You're the Reflection of the Moon on the Water
Dan Cuneen: The Answer
Obits: Naked to the World
Magnetic Stripper: Extended Play - R / Nuclear Cataracts
White Stripes: Lafayette Blues
Randall Bramlett: God In the Water
The Fucking Buckaroos: 666 / Shitty Vacation
OBN IIIs: Running on Fumes / Do My Thing
Wooden Shjips: Black Smoke Rise
G-Love: Baby Honey Girl
Guy Clark: Stuff That Works
Van Morrison: St Dominic's Preview
Fela Kuti: Gentleman
Vieus Farka Toure: Walaidu
Girls At Dawn:
Fishtank Ensemble: Woman In Sin / Fever / Espagnolette
CSC Funk Band: Trolls Soiree Troll
The Witch: Motherless Child
Detroit Cobras: Boss Lady
AfroCubism: Al Vaiven de me Carreta / Jarabi
Noertker's Moxie: Feather In a Cap

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