KUSF In Exile 11.14.11 3-6 PM DJ IMF

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DJ D (Music) with The I.M.F. 11/14/2011 03:00PM to 06:00PM

03:17PM Mic Geronimo “Masta I.C. remix” from Masta I.C. remix (Single)

03:20PM Showbiz & A.G. “Soul Clap (Short Version)” from Party Groove / Soul Clap (1992) on D.I.T.C. Records

03:25PM A Tribe Called Quest “Vibes and Stuff” from The Low End Theory (MP3, Album, Private, 1991) on Jive

03:29PM Shyhiem the rugged child “On and On” from On and On (Single)

03:32PM Common “Resurrection” from RESURRECTION

03:35PM Beatnuts “No equal” from Intoxicated Demons

03:38PM M.O.P. “Big Boy Game” from Salutes the St. Marxmen

03:41PM Wu Tang Clan “Bring The Ruckuz” from Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (Clean) (CD, Album, 1993) on RCA (USA)

03:44PM Troubleneck Brothers “Trouble Neck Wreck” from Trouble Neck Wreck (Single)

03:47PM The Gza “7 Pounds” from Pro Tools

03:50PM One.Be.Lo “Decepticons” from S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. (2011) on Fat Beats

03:53PM Del the Funky Homosapien “You're In Shambles” from No Need for Alarm (1993) on Elektra Records

03:57PM Gigo “Gorilla RMX” from Gorilla

04:00PM Nobe “Killiin Em” from Going Up Volume 2

04:03PM Josie Stingray “Josie” from Josie (Single)

04:06PM DaVinci “Where My Dough At?” from Where My Dough At? (Single)

04:09PM Kaveman and the I.M.F. “Od'ed” from Od'ed (Single)

04:12PM Oso Slick “Cougars” from Sk8 & Destroy (2010) on Oso Records

04:16PM Z-MAN “FRONTED ON” from FRONTED ON (Single)

04:19PM Jedi “You Know Im Dope” from Attacking the Clones

04:22PM One Werd “Progression Agreesive” from A Majority of One

04:25PM Gigio “Let the Good Times Roll” from Good Hard Times Ep

04:28PM Trunks “Lock Stock Brock” from Doom Project

04:31PM Trunks “Rap Kamikaze” from Doom Project

04:37PM Riq Reed and the I.M.F. “The Feddy and The Guap” from The Feddy and The Guap (Single)

04:40PM Inf Gang “SIx Animals” from SIx Animals (Single)

04:43PM Andre Nickatina “Crack Raider Razor” from Cocaine Raps

04:46PM Z man “This Has Gotta Be Love” from This Has Gotta Be Love (Single)

04:49PM Kreative Resource “Digi Download” from KR3

04:52PM Gangstarr “Dwyck” from Dwyck (Single)

04:55PM Problem Child “Jadakiss” from Jadakiss (Single)

04:55PM Problem Child “Jadakiss” from Jadakiss (Single)

04:58PM Group Home “Inna Citi Life” from Livin' Proof

05:01PM Ol Dirty Bastard “Snakes” from Snakes (Single)

05:04PM Ten Thieves “It Dont Matter” from It Dont Matter (Single)

05:07PM A Tribe Called Quest “Jazz (We've Got)” from The Low End Theory (MP3, Album, Private, 1991) on Jive

05:11PM UMCs “One To Grow On” from One To Grow On (Single)

05:14PM Cool Kids “The LIght Company” from The LIght Company (Single)

05:17PM Sir Michael Rocks “LIvin It up” from The Rock Report

05:20PM The Cool Kids “Fishing Lessons” from Fishing Lessons (Single)

05:23PM Diamond D “Best Kept Secret” from Best Kept Secret (Single)

05:26PM The Pharcyde “Ya Mama” from Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde (1992) on Polydor Associated Labels

05:30PM Common “Nothin To Do” from Ressurrection

05:33PM O.C. “O-Zone” from Word...Life (1994) on Melee (Fontana)

05:37PM Paten Locke “Soup for One” from Super Ramen Rocketship (2009) on Tres Records

05:37PM Paten Locke “Soup for One” from Super Ramen Rocketship (2009) on Tres Records

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