KUSF In Exile 11.08.11 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

If anyone personifies the word 'maven' it's DJ Carolyn. Her impeccable
taste in punk, garage and rock has influenced Bay Area listeners for over
two decades. A listener passionately sent in, 'she has always been the
only DJ that matters. She finds music nobody else does, and it rocks!' Her
dedication to the local scene goes beyond spinning the latest indie disc
or old-school classic, to outright mentorship of fledgling talent. Catch
her weekly show... and you'll find out why, when it comes to Bay Area
rock, you've been served." -From SF Bay Guardian who awarded Carolyn as
2006's and 2008's Best DJ: Terrestrial Radio

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Carolyn (Music) with Carolyn 11/08/2011 12:00PM to 03:00PM

12:01PM Ramones “Blitzkreig Bop” from Ramones (CD, 1977) on Sire

12:03PM The Undertones “Teenage Kicks” from The Undertones (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on Salvo (Union Square Music)

12:06PM Suicide “Cheree” from Suicide (MP3, Album, Private, 1997) on Mute Records

12:09PM Eddie and the Hot Rods “Do Anything You Want To Do” from Teenage Depression (LP, Single)

12:12PM Acid Baby Jesus “Tooth To Toe” from LP (CD, 2011) on Slovenly New

12:16PM Apache Dropout “All I'm Gonna Is Laugh” from Cha Cha Cha cassette (Other)

12:21PM Ty Segall “Goodbye Bread” from Goodbye Bread (CD, 2011) on Drag City (USA) Local, New

12:27PM Swiftumz “Too Many Friends” from Don't Trip Call Me (510)637-8630 (LP, 2011) on Holy Mountain Local, New

12:30PM Dadfag “Cool Song” from split with Girls Of Porn (7 Inch, 2011) Local

12:32PM Total Control “See More Glass” from Henge Beat (LP, 2011) on Iron Lung (US) New

12:36PM Dirty Wurds “Not This One” from Not This One b/w Mellow Down Easy (7 Inch) on Caped Crusader

12:39PM Jet Staxx “I'm Gonna Be the Best Guy” from I'm Gonna Be The Best Guy b/w You'll Get The Chop (7 Inch, 2011) on Sing Sing New — originally from 1978

12:42PM Thee Spivs “It's True” from It's True b/w Taped Up (7 Inch, 2011) on Almost Ready New

12:46PM Mark Sultan “Axis Abraxis” from Whatever I Want (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

12:49PM Mouthbreathers “Anxiety” from Anxiety b/w The Creeper (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

12:52PM Eddy Current Suppression Ring “I Admit My Faults” from Walking In Unison (12 Inch, 2011) on Captcha New — live Feb. 10, 2010 PBS FM Collingwood, Australia

01:00PM Sex Cult “Sid Visions” from Errand Boy EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Goner Records New

01:06PM Veronica Falls “Bad Feeling” from Veronica Falls (LP, 2011) on Slumberland (USA) New

01:09PM The Welders “S-O-S Now” from P-E-R-V-E-R-T EP (7 Inch, 2010) on BDR Records — originally from 1979

01:11PM Human Switchboard “Who's Landing In My Hanger?” from Who's Landing In My Hanger? Anthology 1977-1984 (CD, 2011) on Bar None New — originally from 1981

01:13PM Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias “Kill” from Stiff Singles (CD) on Stiff

01:14PM Liquor Store “Bud Lite Killers” from Yeah Buddy (CD, 2011) on Almost Ready New

01:19PM James Arthur's Manhunt “It's Working (Part 1)” from It's Working (Part 1) b/a It's Working (Part 2) (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

01:22PM Dead Farmers “Out The Door” from Out The Door b/w Never Enough (7 Inch, 2011) on RIP Society (Australia) New

01:28PM Tav Falco and His Panther Burns “Shade Tree Mechanic” from Shade Tree Mechanic (Single)

01:31PM Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns “The Young Psychotics” from Panther Phobia (LP, 1998) on In The Red (USA)

01:35PM Tav Falco's Panther Burns “Love Is My Business” from Blow Your Top (12 Inch, 1982) on Animal Records

01:38PM Tav Falco “Chains Of Love” from Disappearing Angels (CD, 1996) on Sympathy For The Record Industry — Alex Chilton plays guitar on this

01:41PM Bob & Gene “It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know)” from It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know) b/w These Lonely Nights (7 Inch) on Ever-Soul

01:45PM Vex Ruffin “My Mind” from Crash Course EP (12 Inch, 2011) on Stones Throw New

01:49PM Jack Oblivian “Caboose Jump” from Rat City (LP, 2011) on Big Legal Mess New

01:53PM The Liminanas “(I've Got) Trouble In Mind” from Tour Single (7 Inch, 2011) on Trouble In Mind (USA) New

01:56PM Smashing Orange “My Deranged Heart” from My Deranged Heart b/w Only Complete IN You (7 Inch, 1991) on Ringers Lactate

02:03PM The 3Ds “Hairs (demo version)” from We Bury The Living (CD, 2011) on Flying Nun (New Zealand)

02:05PM Strapping Field Hands “Boo Hoo Hoo” from Discus (CD)

02:09PM Terry Malts “Something About You” from Something About You EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Slumberland (USA) Local, New

02:14PM Wild Billy Childish and The Spartan Dreggs “Forensic R'N'B” from Forensic R'N'B (CD, 2011) on Damaged Goods New

02:17PM Cheater Slicks “We All Love Peanut Butter” from Our Food Is Chaos (7 Inch, Single, 2011) on Almost Ready Records New

02:20PM Grudge “I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In” from I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In (7 Inch, Single, 2011) on Black Label — originally from 1973

02:24PM Prehensile Monkey-Tailed Skink “Alright!” from We Found A 4-Track (7 Inch, 1993) on Bulb

02:26PM Lilac “Cathedral” from Cathedral (7 Inch, Single)

02:28PM Wounded Lion “Monkeys” from IVXLCDM (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

02:36PM The Barreracudas “Don't Roll Your Eyes” from Nocturnal Missions (LP, 2011) on Douchemaster New

02:39PM The Sleaze “Weird Truck” from Weird Truck b/w Splotch On Something Clean (7 Inch, 2011) on Three Dimensional Records

02:41PM Genocides “Come Again (You Make Me Wanna)” from Is That Alright? (7 Inch) on Action Records

02:45PM Cop Warmth “Die Slow/ Constantly Pregnant” from Die Slow EP (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

02:48PM U.V. Pop “Just A Game” from Just A Game b/w No Songs Tomorrow (7 Inch, 2011) on Sacred Bones (USA) New — reissue from 1982

02:50PM Kurt Vile “Water Fingers” from split with Woods (7 Inch, 2011) on Woodsist New

02:53PM Thee Cormans “EMERGENCY!” from Down Mit Der Fuzz b/w Emergency! (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

02:55PM Sharp Balloons “Evening News” from Evening News EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Goner Records New

02:59PM Scientists “Atom Bomb Baby” from The Human Jukebox 1984-1986 (CD, 2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry


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