KUSF In Exile 11.04.11 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

iPhone and iPad Player


oshun - ratlle of life
jim clark - fat fanny stomp
cripple clarence lofton - pinetop's boogie woogie
skip james - 22-20 blues
cow cow davenport - alabama strut
frank melrose - pass the jug

barn owl - pale star
agalloch - ..and the great cold death of the earth
chrome - blood on the moon

o yuki conjugate - raindance
clear blue sky - journey to the inside of the sun (a) sweet leaf
felt - my face is on fire
grab grab the haddock - i'm used now

kane's cousins - take your love and shove it
leonard nimoy - highly illogical
the caretaker - fleeting dreams
joe chambers - blow up
evolution control committee - cry baby duck

jimi hendrix - pali gap
nurse with wound - space funk with springs
the natural yogurt band - pipe dreams
negativland - time zones
dj me dj you - software fantasy

the adverts - gary gilmore's eyes
the brian jonestown massacre - cold to the touch
new york dolls - trash
burmese - 柑蕉桔梨碌柚 (Gum Ziu Gut Lei Lok Yao)

yma sumac - remember
the california poppy pickers - come back
orphan egg - circumstance
rick nelson & the stone canyon band - mr dolphin
the robins - riot in cell block #9
the 4th movement - always at your door

jan garbarek - beast of kommodo
yume bitsu - the frigid frigid body of dr t.j. eckelberg

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