KUSF In Exile 10.31.11 10-11 PM Jazz On The Cusp DJ Doctor Jekkyll

For over a century, jazz music has continued to be a living, breathing entity. To date, the music itself has defended itself admirably against those self-appointed guardians of last year's blues who would compartmentalize jazz as swing, bebop, cool, avant-garde, etc. Rather than hearing jazz as a sequence of separate styles, it is important to hear its continuity across time. Jazz is always on the cusp, always searching, always ready to incorporate a new discovery into the body of work that preceded it. There is no radical break between swing and bebop, between bebop and cool, between the early New Orleans styles and the avant-garde group improvisations of the 1960s. The music exists on a continuum.


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29th edition
24 October 2011

1. Tiny Pyramids
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra
Angels and Demons at Play
Sun Ra - Percussion, Bells, Gong and Piano
Phil Cohran - Cornet
Nate Pryor - Trombone and Bells
John Gilmore - Tenor Sax and Clarinet, percussion
Marshall Allen - Flute
Ronnie Boykins - Bass
Jon Hardy - Drums, Percussion

2. Caravan
Thelonious Monk
Plays Duke Ellington
Thelonious Monk - piano
Oscar Pettiford - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

3. Ysabel's Table Dance
Charles Mingus
New Tijuana Moods
Charles Mingus - bass, vocals
Jimmy Knepper - trombone
Shafi Hadi - alto saxophone
Bill Triglia - piano
Dannie Richmond - drums
Ysabel Morel - castanets, vocals
Frankie Dunlop - percussion

4. Makondi
Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell
El Corazón
Don Cherry - doussn' gouni
Ed Blackwell - drums

5. La Rosita
(Paul DuPont/Allan Stuart)
Coleman Hawkins
Encounters Ben Webster
Ben Webster - tenor sax
Coleman Hawkins - tenor sax
Oscar Peterson - piano
Herb Ellis - guitar
Ray Brown - bass
Alvin Stoller - drums

6. Lenox Avenue Breakdown
Arthur Blythe
Lenox Avenue Breakdown
Arthur Blythe - alto sax
James Newton - flute
Bob Stewart - tuba
James "Blood" Ulmer - guitar
Cecil McBee - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Guillermo Franco - percussion

8. Ensenada
Bennie Maupin
The Jewel in the Lotus
Bennie Maupin - saxophones, flute, bass clarinet, voice, glockenspiel
Herbie Hancock - acoustic and electric pianos
Buster Williams - bass
Billy Hart - drums
Frederick Waits - marimba
Bill Summers - percussion

7. Chinoiserie
(Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
Duke Ellington
The Nutcracker Suite
Duke Ellington – piano
Lawrence Brown, Booty Wood, Britt Woodman - trombones
Juan Tizol - valve trombone
Jimmy Hamilton - clarinet
Paul Gonsalves - tenor saxophone
Aaron Bell - bass
Sam Woodyard - drums

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