KUSF In Exile 10.28.11 Midnight-3 AM DJ Toast

iPhone and iPad Player

with TOAST
10/28/11 Playlist Midnight to 3:00 AM

Tricky: Black Steel
???: Somewhere in Texas
Chris Knight: It Ain't Easy Being Me
Denny Zeitlin: Free Prelude
Joe Cocker: Inner City Blues
Scowl: Anglewise Blind
Chicago Transit Authority: Liberation
Stevie Ray Vaughn: Couldn't Stand The Weather
Rolling Stones: Rocks Off
Day Creeper: Problem At Hand // Nervous Energy
Wire: Smash
Wheels On Fire: Bad Lie
Wooden Shjips: Home
Soup Dragons: Backwards Dog
Wetdog: Lower Leg
Andy Human: Toy Man
Anna Calvi: Blackout
Kurt Vile: On Tour
REM: Pilgrimage
G Love: Baby Honey Girl
Twilight Singers: Waves
Tozzi: The Luxury // Space Blues // Olympus Rising
The F**king Buckaroos: 666 // S***ty Vacation
OBN IIIs: Running on Fumes // Do My Thing
Giant Haystacks: How WE Lost The War // The Pigs vs The Kids
East Bay Grease: Just Head
Vicotoire: A Door In The Dark

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