KUSF In Exile 10.27.11 6-9 AM You are in The Vortex™ DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

iPhone and iPad Player

You are in The Vortex™ with Jennifer Marie Joyce
A Mass of Cooperative Components!

COIL ~ The Golden Section
Cocteau Twins ~ Crushed
Sparklehorse ~ Don't Take My Sunshine Away
Milagres ~ Glowing Mouth
Floeboe ~ A Fleeting Thought
The Future/Human League ~ Dada Duchamp Vortex
M83 ~ OK Pal
Throbbing Gristle ~ Hot On The Heels Of Love
Bad Company ~ Feel Like Making Love
ABBA ~ Take A Chance On Me
Sujfan Stevens ~ You Are The Blood
Spooky Jones ~ Starship Ping-Pong

The Rolling Stones ~ Monkey Man
Steven Wright ~ Dog Stay
Moon Wiring Club ~ Slumberwick Dreams
Mew ~ Introducing Palace Players
Urban Assault ~ Halloween
Ben Folds ~ Annie Waits
Curved Air ~ Phantasmagoria
6ths ~ Human

Ozzy Osbourne ~ Flying High Again
Melvins ~ Lizzy
The Wonder Stuff ~ Radio Ass Kiss
Nina Hagen ~ Dr Art
Ella Fitzgerald ~ People Will Say We're In Love
Phantogram ~ Mouthful of Diamonds

Florence + The Machine ~ Shake It Out (Weekend remix)
Justice ~ Horsepower
Justice ~ Civilization
Oneida ~ Sheets of Easter

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