KUSF In Exile 10.27.11 3-6 PM DJ Steve the Creep

iPhone and iPad Player

Creepshow's Halloween Spooktacular

Venom-Raise the Dead
Thee Cormans-The Number Six
Thee Cormans-The Creep
Puling Hiss-The Hoodoo
The Cramps-Human Fly
The Mothers-Zomby Woof

Christian Death-Spiritual Cramp
Christian Death-Romeo's Distress
Angels of Light-My Suicide
Eartha Kitt-I Wanna Be Evile
Children of the Day-Jesus
Merciful Fate-Corpse without a Soul

Ruins-Castle of Nocturnal Evil
Necrophagia-Devil's Eyes
Plasmatics-Doom Song
Kim Fowley-Night of the Hunter
Alice Cooper-Cold Ethyl
Otis Redding-Trick or Treat

45 Grave-Evil
Snakefinger-Sawney's Death Dance
Electric Wizard-Dunwich
Koko Taylor-Voodoo Woman
Pierced Arrows-Buried Alive
David Bowie-We are the Dead
Tuxedomoon-The Funeral of a Friend

Current 93-Sunset (the death of thumbelina)
Dan Matz-Pacing the Locks
Bauhaus-Stigmata Martyr
Dalis Car-His Box
The Legendary Pink Dots-Leap of Faith

Diamond Head-Am I Evil?
Hector Zazou-Hapolot Kenym
Simon Scott-Under Crumbling Skies
Residents-Die In Terror
Cramps-I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Waylon Jennings-Heaven or Hell

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