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Wednesday 10/26/11 9-Noon


Ry Cooder / John Lee Hooker For President
Tom Waits / Low Down
Muddy Waters / Let's Spend The Night Together
Lester Butler / So Mean To Me
Timmie Rogers / Super Soul Brother
Iggy Pop/ Girls
David Johansen / Girls
Elvis Presley / Girls! Girls! Girls!
Motley Crue / Girls, Girls, Girls
Theme from Dark Shadows
Zacherle / Limb From Limbo Rock
Jonathan Winters / Horror Movies (comedy)
Zacherle / The Bat
Murray Roman / Horror Movies (comedy)
The Who / Hall Of The Mountain King


The Clash / This Is Radio Clash (dub version)
Bobby Fuller Four / I Fought The Law
The Clash / I Fought The Law
The Equals / Police On My Back
The Clash / Police On My Back
Mick Jones talks about musical influences
Willy Williams / Armagideon Time
The Clash / Armagideon Time (live)
The Clash / Time Is Tight
The Renegades / Brand New Cadillac
The Clash / Brand New Cadillac
The Maytals / Pressure Drop
The Clash / Pressure Drop
Joe Strummer talks about the politics of the band
The Clash / Capitol Radio (live)
Sam The Sham / Wooly Bully
British Walkers / Shake
The Groop / Who Do You Love
Rogues / Train Kept A Rollin'
Kinks / Dancing In The Streets


Guy Davis / Uncle Tom Is Dead
Langston Hughes / The Story Of The Blues (spoken word)
Louis Armstrong / I'm Not Rough
J. Geils Band / I'm Not Rough
The's / New Orleans Rock
Gary Snyder / Why I Take Good Care Of My Macintosh Computer (spoken word)
Popsicle radio advertisement
Jan and Dean / Popsicle
The Banana Splits / Doin' The Banana Split
7-Eleven / Dance The Slurp
Slim Harpo / Scratch My Back
Sesame Street / Scratch My Back
Otis Redding / Scratch My Back
Duke and the Rio Bravos / Scratch My Back
Yoko Ono / What Did I Do
Prince / Calhoun Square
Randy Newman / I Want Everyone To Like Me

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