KUSF In Exile 10.19.11 9-Midnight Mein 20th Century DJ Scott

Mein Twentieth Century explores the far corners of composed sound from its early classical history to its modern experimental antecedents. Antique music, Serialism, Musique Concrete, Early Electronics, Minimalism, Sound Art, New Music, Drone, Independent as well as Non-Western and Outsider sensibilities are brought together in an enriching audio experience

iPhone and iPad Player

First Hour:
Moholy-Nagy – Tears of the Phrophecy
David Sylvian and Holger Czukay – The Spiraling of Winter Ghosts
Ennio Morricone – Comme Un Madrigal (Four Flies On Grey Velvet OST)
Sonic Youth – Les Anges au Piano
Burial – At Macdonalds
Colleen – Past of the Long Black Land
Radian – Harmonic Necklace
Jan Jelinek – Up to My Same Old Trick
Susumu Yokota – Fairy Dance of Twinkle and Shadow
Steve Reich – Drumming part 2
Jon Gibson – Song 1
Indignant Senilty – Plays Wagner part 1
Grouper – Tidal Wave

2nd Hour:
Wes Willenbring – My ghostly fingers
Mark Hollis – A Life 1895-1915
Giacinto Scelsi - Ko-Lho
Olivier Messaien – Colours of The Celestial City
Kreng – Tansmutation Device
Reichmann – Himmelblau
Lois Svard – Night
Harold Budd – Madrigals of The Rose Angel
Rosemary Brown – spoken monologue from A Musical Seance
Ricardo Villalobos / Max Lodebauer – Retikhiy
Anworth Kirk – Valleys and Mires
Heindorf – The Dream from Spellbound
Floating Flower – Walk in the Air

3rd Hour
Charles Tomlinson Griffes – Tone Poem: Night Winds
Pierre Henry – Rock Electronique
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Bird of Passage
Bidu Sayao - aria from Heiter Villalobos’ Bachiana Brasiliera no. 5
Date Palms – Psalm 3 intro
Kwjaz – Frighteous Wane
Zomes Night Signs
Eliane Radique – Triptych part 3 (excerpt)
Virgin Prunes – Jigsawmentallama
John Lennon and Yoko Ono – No Bed for Beatle John
Broadcast and Ghost Box – Royal Chant
Dave Pike – First improvisation
Fennesz – Perfume for Winter
Leyland Kirby – This is the Story of Paradise Lost
Chan Hon Kwong – Wild Geese Descend on Level Sand (interlude)
Vangelis – Tears in Rain

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