KUSF In Exile 10.13.11 6-9 AM DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

iPhone and iPad Player

You Are In The Vortex™ with Jennifer Marie Joyce
(A Swirling Mass of Cooperative Components)

Josh Mancell ~ Vortexology
COIL ~ Assassins of Hakim Bey
Do Make Say Think ~ The Landlord is Dead
CAN ~ Ibis
Doves ~ M62 Song
Kronos Quartet ~ Dark Was the Night
Blonde Redhead ~ Falling Man
The Go-Betweens ~ Finding You
Jennifer Marie Joyce ~ Um, (Have You Read the Bible?)
Erland & The Carnival ~ Springtime
SUNBEARS! ~ Song 2 (Lovely Little Anecdotes)
Burt Bacharach ~ South American Getaway
Nurse With Wound ~ Cold
Paul Lynde Roasts Dean Martin
Exploding Flowers ~ Capturing a New Frontier
Marlena Shaw ~ California Soul
Fleetwood Mac ~ Over and Over
Echo & The Bunnymen ~ I Think I Need it Too
Tyondai Braxton ~ J. City
King Crimson ~ Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
Annette Hanshaw ~ I Wanna Be Loved By You
Jeff Hanson ~ If You Ever Say
Madness ~ Michael Caine
Neu! ~ Super 78
Julian Plenti ~ Games for Days
Cocteau Twins ~ Grave Overfloweth
Inner City ~ Good Life
OK Go ~ I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe
Foreigner ~ Urgent
Jennifer Marie Joyce ~ Um, (Have You Read the Bible?)
Stateless ~ Bloodstream
Ratatat ~ Wildcat (reversed)
Supreme Dicks ~ The Emotional Plague: Porridge for the Calydonian Boar

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