KUSF In Exile 10.01.11 3-8 AM Defeat Sleep DJ Abraxas

Defeat Sleep began radio operations in 2000, and is heard every Saturday morning on KUSF in Exile from 3am-8am (pst). Defeat Sleep is entirely free-form and often features live performances and guest hosts. The co-producers are Cactus Daniel Hintz and Bryan Chandler. Email feedback to danielhintz64@gmail.com

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defeat sleep (Music) with abraxas 11/05/2011 03:00AM to 08:00AM

03:08AM Vangelis “Blade Runner Blues” from Blade runner Soundtrack

03:08AM The Lickets “the octant coordinate system” from here (on earth) on international corporation

03:21AM John Cage “Daughters of the Lonesome Isle” from American Classics: Cage - Music for Prepared Piano, Vol. 2 on Naxos

03:23AM Harold Grosskopf “Tai Ki” from Synthesist on Sky

03:26AM Concern “Truth & Distance” from Truth & Distance - EP on digitalis

03:59AM The Drift “years gone by” from memory drawings

04:45AM Tom Carter “Monument 2” from Monument (2001) on kranky

04:47AM Barn Owl and the Infinite Strings Ensemble “Condensation” from The Headlands on Important Records

04:54AM Xela “Calling for Vanished Faces” from Barge Split Series, Vol. 1 - MGR Vs. Xela (Vinyl) (2008) on Barge Recordings

05:21AM Xela “Bobble Hats In Summer” from For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights (2007) on Type

05:23AM Mort Garson “plantasia” from mother earth's plantasia on homewood

05:25AM Rat Catching “yellow bird” from rat catching on Fedora Corpse

05:40AM Sun Circle “A” from A (Single, 2006) on lichen records — recorded in ann arbor and burlington

05:49AM Driphouse “A” from Root 91 on Root Strata

06:11AM Comoros “White Flour” from White Flower (2011) on Fedora Corpse

06:31AM Kevin Greenspon “a” from unveiling on monorail trespassing

06:34AM Harold Budd “in delius sleep” from marty walker on advance recordings

06:44AM John Kuhlman “nothing hard” from marty walker on advance recordings

06:44AM Christopher Hobbs “recitative” from marty walker on advance recordings

06:51AM Robert Fripp “1988” from Let the Power Fall (LP, Album, Private) on editions eg

07:15AM Tim Hecker “Arctic Lover's Rock” from Haunt me haunt me, do it again on Alien8 Recordings

07:16AM Barn Owl “The Darkest Nigh Since 1683” from lost in the glare on Thrill Jockey

07:22AM Huun Huur Tu “Orphan's Lament” from Ancestors Call (CD, Album, 2010) on World Village

07:34AM Ultrasound “a fool listens with his eyes” from a fool listens with his eyes (Single) on Drone

07:36AM Of “ferns will crumble” from split 7" Divorce series 5 on ache

07:53AM Greg Davis “Fennel” from split 7" Divorce series 5 on ache

07:53AM Barn Owl “midnight tide” from lost in the glare on Thrill Jockey

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