KUSF In Exile 10.01.11 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture

The Standells: Dirty Water
Speck Mountain: Sister Water
Skuli sverrisson: Summer Star Water
Stereolab: Velvet Water
Joan Armatrading: Water With The Wine
FASCINATION: THE BOWIE SHOW: From the Gallery 16 exhibition in mid-2000’s to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bowie’s most famous incarnation, Ziggy Stardust, “Fascination” featured works by more than 40 artists, including essays, a CD remake by SF-area bands of Bowie’s 1977 album Low, and Fascination, a play by Kevin Killian and Wayne Smith that was performed at The LAB in San Francisco.

Dj Margaret is joined with four artists, current members of the WATER UNDERGROUND, SAROLTA JANE CUMP, JULY OSKAR COLE, QILO MATZEN, and CLEO WOELFLE-ERSKINE

SAROLTA JANE CUMP work includes film and video, puppets, and discarded public and private histories, to chip away at the web of imperialism. Her work as an activist and artist is grounded in collective liberation and favors diverse tactics. Her film “California is an Island” debuted at the National Queer Arts Festival in 2010. As a video activist she has traveled with the ‘Deporten a la Migra’ delegation to the Arizona/Mexico border, documented the use of cluster bombs against the people of Lebanon, and worked with I-Witness video during the St. Paul RNC. She was recruited into the Water Underground’s Hydro-lab to perform water surveillance and is thrilled to be directing a new performance work titled “The GOLD FISH” with the participation of the all star ensemble. She loves swimming outdoors in all forms of water.

JULY OSKAR COLE has sported a seaweed head-dress, a handle-bar moustache, and a three-foot papier-maché salmon mask, variously, in service of the reconfiguration of US water culture. Cole co-edited Dam Nation: Dispatches From the Water Underground (Soft Skull Press, 2007) and co-authored the article, Rebuilding on Poisoned Ground published in the journal, Colorlines, March, 2006. This performance of “The GOLD FISH” will be Cole’s third collaboration with performance artist J. Dellacave. Oskar is the main writer of “The GOLD FISH”.

QILO MATZEN has performed throughout North America and Europe: touring the Balkans with arts/activist collective Building Bloc, working with European director/choreographers, and locally in residency at Jon Sims Center. Ze has performed in bathrooms, theatres and living rooms. Ze has worked as a plumber’s apprentice in addition to practicing Somatic Movement Therapy. Qilo will be playing the tycoon in “The GOLD FISH”?

CLEO WOELFLE-ERSKINE’s water-related collaborations include re-imaginations of Oakland’s buried creeks and marshes with students and DIY rainwater harvesting workshops. He co-edited Dam Nation: Dispatches From the Water Underground (Soft Skull Press, 2007), co-authored the article Rebuilding on Poisoned Ground in Colorlines, March, 2006; High Country News recently featured his article Riparian Repair, An Analysis of Dam Removal on Montana’s Clark Fork. Cleo is one of the initial creators of “The GOLD FISH” with performance artist Annie Danger and is collaborating on musical direction with Lee Worden.

Cleo was first introduced the Water Underground in the title of a 1999 zine sampling indigenous land/water struggles at Black Mesa, BA watershed, and his first thoughts toward new water culture. Since then, through the work of Greywater Guerrillas, and specifically work towards the anthology Dam Nation, the Water Underground has discovered itself to be SIMULTANEOUSLY

* the actual underground water carrying minerals and toxins beneath the city,
* the dispersed local water justice struggles across the globe,
* the eco-hydological interactions among entities in a given watershed—rocks, animals, plants, microorganisms,
* a loose and variously-membered cadre of artists, scientists, and water activists,
* and finally, the revolutionary hope for water to rise.

The Water Underground thinks the human and nonhuman are ACTUALLY COLLABORATING—for example: people and salmon, bears and salmon and trees, people and dolphins. Humans can choose to participate in this space open for collaboration. Joining the Water Underground is a way to accept the invitation always open on the part of the eco-hydrosphere.

Who tests the currents?
Who reads the rain?
Who sings for the river?
Who stands by the salmon?
It could be you!

2011 DIRTSTAR Residency at the Tenderloin National Forest /the luggage store: The Water Underground sloshed back and forth across the San Francisco watershed–seeping, spying, gathering driftwood, conspiring, floating ideas, seducing new swimmers... We washed up at the Tenderloin National Forest with a highly performative science fair installation we call Hydro-Laboratory! We cordially invite you to check out the Water Underground’s Hydro-Laboratory: Calling all cloud catchers, dirt diggers, and sewer water snatchers! Taste test SF water, create clouds in a box, and write your own aquafesto. The Water Underground/TNF 2011 is alleged to be July Cole, Sarolta Jane Cump, Annie Danger, Sarah Kennedy, Qilo Matzen, Marko Muir, and Cleo Woelfle-Erskine.

Poking fingers into dirt, food, and friends, DIRTSTAR connects generations and genres with story tellers, earthen homebuilders, film farmmakers, seed ball sculptors, bike-dancers, greywater-installers and chef-musicians creating visionary peeks at how we could be living with our world.

Upcoming wild ensemble piece at Crocker Museum in Sacramento, titled “The Gold Fish, or, Straight Flushes for the Manifestly Destined.” A one-act slapstick musical in which a poor wayfaring Salmon has to pawn her eggs to gamble for river passage, a Water Nymph casino dealer confronts its water-wars PTSD, the Army Chorus of Engineers gets lost, the Water Tycoon’s dirty dealing ends in cataclysmic wash-out, and the Riparian Dispossessed Choir arises. All comers can also taste the Delta waters, create a cloud in a box, write their own aquafestos, and catch the breath of trees. Visitors are inducted into the Water Underground, and guided in the discovery of their own secret weather symbols. Before leaving, you can choose to accept future assignments in aid of the water cycle. One day only! Sunday, October 16th, 11-4pm, with Goldfish showtimes at 1 and 3pm.

For more on the artist projects visit:
Water Underground—www.waterunderground.wordpress.com
Water, CA—www.watercalifornia.org
Greywater Guerrillas—greywateraction.org
Dam Nation: Dispatches from the Water Underground
Edited by Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, July Oskar Cole, Laura Allen; Annie Danger (Illustrator)

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