KUSF In Exile 09.26.11 10-11 PM Jazz On The Cusp DJ Doctor Jekkyll

For over a century, jazz music has continued to be a living, breathing entity. To date, the music itself has defended itself admirably against those self-appointed guardians of last year's blues who would compartmentalize jazz as swing, bebop, cool, avant-garde, etc. Rather than hearing jazz as a sequence of separate styles, it is important to hear its continuity across time. Jazz is always on the cusp, always searching, always ready to incorporate a new discovery into the body of work that preceded it. There is no radical break between swing and bebop, between bebop and cool, between the early New Orleans styles and the avant-garde group improvisations of the 1960s. The music exists on a continuum.


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26th edition
26 September 2011

1. Echoes from Haarlem
John Carter Quintet
Variations on Selected Themes for Jazz Quintet
Moers Music
John Carter - clarinet
James Newton - flute

2. Softly, As In a Morning Sunrise
(Romberg/Hammerstein II)
Sonny Rollins
A Night at the "Village Vanguard"
Blue Note
Sonny Rollins - tenor saxophone
Wilbur Ware - bass
Elvin Jones - drums

3. Heksehyl
Tchicai, Cyrille, Workman
Witch's Scream
TUM Records
John Tchicai - bass clarinet
Reggie Workman - bass
Andrew Cyrille - drums

4. I Waited for You
Dizzy Gillespie
The Giant
Dizzy Gillespie - trumpet
Kenny Drew - piano
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

5. Reading the River (for John Carter)
Marty Ehrlich
Can You Hear a Motion?
Marty Ehrlich - clarinet
Michael Formanek - bass
Bobby Previte - drums

6. Stella by Starlight
Phineas Newborn, Jr.
Harlem Blues
recorded 1969
released 1975
Phineas Newborn, Jr. - piano
Ray Brown - bass
Elvin Jones - drums

7. Gregarian Chant
Charles Mingus
Jazz Composers Workshop
Charles Mingus - bass
John LaPorta - clarinet
Teo Macero - tenor saxophone
George Barrow - baritone saxophone
Mal Waldron - piano
Rudy Nichols - drums

8. Alexander's Ragtime Band
(Irving Berlin)
Jaki Byard
On the Spot!
Jaki Byard -piano
Jimmy Owens - tambourine
Paul Chambers - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

9. Ramblin'
Ornette Coleman
Change of the Century
Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet
Charlie Haden - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

10. Stardust
Ben Webster
See You at the Fair
Ben Webster - tenor sax
Roger Kellaway - piano
Richard Davis - bass
Osie Johnson - drums

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