KUSF In Exile 09.25.11 6-8 PM Spotlight Lovely Music Limited DJ Pete Accident

1st Hour

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2nd Hour

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jon hassell -- toucan ocean

"blue" gene tyranny -- the next time might be your time
pauline oliveros -- the wanderer (excerpt)

gordon mumma/pauline oliveros -- fwyyn
joel chadabe -- song without words

david behrman -- interspecies smalltalk (excerpt)
alvin lucier -- i am sitting in a room

"blue" gene tyranny -- great masters of melody
jacques bekaert -- 2 for jean dupuy

robert ashley -- private parts: the park

robert ashley -- atalanta: episode III: bud (excerpt)
robert ashley -- isolde (maria isolde)

peter gordon -- star jaws
david behrman -- figure in a clearing (excerpt)
william duckworth -- time curve preludes I&II

paul dresher -- liquid & stellar music (excerpt)

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