KUSF In Exile 09.14.11 3-6 PM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

1st Hour

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2nd Hour

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3rd Hour

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watery love -- die w dignity
home blitz -- lost cycle
sic alps -- battery townsley
sir richard bishop -- esoterica of abyssinia
hamza el din -- helalisa

augustus pablo -- short man dub/zion is a home
singers & players -- socca
jon hassell -- chor moire/courage
sadistic mika band -- black ship

jason forrest -- satan cries again
brilliant colors -- hey dan/how much younger
yellowfever -- horse
can -- paperhouse/mushroom

psychic reality -- hi-high
grouper -- water people
judee sill -- the phoenix
lau nau -- kuula
alvin lucier -- still and moving lines of silence in families of hyperbolas: voice

bill orcutt -- bored w the moon
fred frith -- heat c/w moment
miles davis -- black satin
bo hansson -- legend & light
peter gordon -- intervallic expansion/life is boring
francis bebey -- untitled

charles tyler ensemble -- black mysticism
alice coltrane -- ptah, the el daoud
paul motian -- ch'i energy

bob james -- untitled mixes
hoketus -- hoketus (excerpt)
canciones de intervencion francesa:
marcha a juan pamucemo
el telele

stephan micus -- the music of stones, part 4

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