KUSF In Exile 09.09.11 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

iPhone and iPad Player


oshun - rattle of life
the space lady - ghost riders in the sky
paul mccartney and wings - magneto and titanium man

the growing concern - edge of time
wilkinson tri cycle - what of i
listening - stoned is
freeport - it's a brand new morning
the birds - you don't love me
bohemian vendetta - satisfaction

doc severinsen - in the court of the crimson king
quinteplus - loberman, el hombre lobo
jimmy smith - hi heel sneakers
jerome richardson - no problema
donald byrd - places and spaces

black sabbath - rat salad
minutemen - black sheep
misfits - we are 138
fats domino - my blue heaven
the caretaker - tiny gradations of loss
explosions in the sky - first breath after coma
mugstar - my babyskull has not yet flowered
lumerians - burning mirrors
soft tags - a change in the batteries

resonars - world apart
soft boys - hear my brane
red crayola - hurricane fighter plane
the mortals - world turns on
nick lowe - so it goes

lard free - 12 ou 13 juliette...
ota petrina - computer iii generace
we like cats - ruff a lution dub
stampeders - sweet city woman
john lennon - #9 dream

the three suns - five minutes more

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