KUSF In Exile 09.03.11 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture

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Dj Margaret is joined with artists LINDSAY McCRUM about her new book titled Chicks With Guns, NANCY POPP from Los Angeles, artist in residence at Montalvo Arts Center, and SERENA WELLEN, artist and lawyer about her work, as well as Popp and Wellen’s long-time collaboration.

LINDSAY McCRUM is a fine art photographer residing in New York City and California. McCrum received her undergraduate degree from Yale University and her Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Trained as a painter in oils, McCrum switched exclusively to portrait photography in 2003. Her photographic projects include 25/50, an exploration of aging in the faces of men; Superheroes and Commandos, a study of boys, costumes, and popular culture; and Dress Up, an examination of young girls and the shaping of contemporary notions of fashion and beauty. These series and other works have been exhibited in galleries in the US and Europe. McCrum’s soon-to-be-released (October 8) book CHICKS WITH GUNS is a cultural portrait of women gun owners through photography—both painterly, beautiful, and unexpected—addressing class, age, occupation, and geography in America, accompanied with narratives in the subjects own words. The book explores an indelible part of our national identity addressing conventional suspicions and political ideologies often associated with firearms. It examines issues of self-image and gender through portraiture and fashion; guns are presented not as superimposed props, but as the subjects personal lifestyle accessory and defies stereotypes often associated with aspects of the popular culture of both guns and women. There are 15-20 million women gun owners in this country, the women we meet in CHICKS WITH GUNS participate seriously in diverse shooting activities from sportswomen and hunters, to competitive shooters. Some use guns on their jobs and some for self-defense.


NANCY POPP is a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist utilizing performance, video, photography, and drawing, in her practice. Her work explores relations between body as site, context of site that envelopes the body, and the constant fluctuations connecting both. Drawing upon the rich traditions of durational corporeal performance and political intervention, Popp explores relations between body and site, often incorporating public and architectural space. Popp has exhibited at the Getty Center, Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Rowan University, and SUNY University in New York, as well as galleries in Los Angeles, Düsseldorf, Belgrade, and Tijuana. She is a recipient of a 2011 California Community Visual Arts Fellowship and Lucas Artist Fellowship from Montalvo Arts Center. She holds degrees from Art Center College of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute. Nancy is currently in residence at Montalvo Arts Center, located in Saratoga hills south of San Francisco, working on a series of conceptual drawings that document several of her previous performance works and their sites, and a new performance video that explores the field of gender identity as defined by physical experiences of pleasure. Popp along with long-time Bay Area collaborator Serena Wellen is co-curating an exhibition dys/embodied examining the still-prevalent struggle over the female-gendered body. She is a member of the LA ART GIRLS.


SERENA WELLEN is a San Francisco-based photography and video artist. She has also practiced law for almost 20 years. The analytical approach that lawyers bring to the production of meaning has informed much of her work, and centers around the experience of trauma and how it reverberates through the lives of individuals, families, generations and societies. Serena’s work has investigated both personal and political embodiments from child abuse to “enhanced interrogation techniques”. She has exhibited at UCSB, Notre Dame University, and SUNY University in New York, as well as galleries in San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, New York, New Mexico and Kansas. Serena holds degrees from Stanford University, the University of San Francisco School of Law, and the San Francisco Art Institute. Serena’s current body of photographic work entitled Host examines deep-seated fears and anxieties around motherhood, sexuality, and the female body. She is also continuing her long-time photo and video project exploring the impact of her grandmother’s mental and physical disintegration from dementia.


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