KUSF In Exile 07.10.11 2-8 AM Rampage Radio Loren

1st Hour

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2nd Hour

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3rd Hour

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4th Hour

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5th Hour

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6th Hour

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Rampage Radio - Loren 07.10.11 KUSF In Exile

Death Angel-Evil Priest
Judas Priest-Call For The Priest
Slough Feg-Trick The Vicar
Black Sabbath-Disturbing The Priest (Born Again demos)
Brocas Helm-Drink The Blood Of The Priest
Wilson High School Choral Groups-Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord
Hell-Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us
Death-Suicide Machine
Exhumed-I Rot Within
My Victim-Heroes Or Enemies
Midnight Chaser-Turn Your Head Around

Tank-Power Of The Hunter
White Spirit-Midnight Chaser
Savage-Dirty Money
Saxon-Rainbow Theme/Fozen Rainbow
Holst: The Planets - New York Philharmonic
Deceased-Off Kilter
Megadeth-Hangar 18
Solitude Aeturnus-Together And Wither
Atlantean Kodex-Disciples Of The Iron Crown (From The Grey Twilight)
Falkenbach-Runes Shall You Know
Emperor-Thus Spake The Nightspirit

Decapitated-A View From A Hole
Kataklysm-Push The Venom
Venom-Black Metal
The Gates Of Slumber-Iron And Fire
Forbidden-Omega Wave
Mercyful Fate-Evil (BBC)
Candlemass-Crystal Ball

Motorhead-Stone Dead Forever (demo Fast Eddie Clarke vocal)
Iron Maiden-Killers
Satan's Host-Fallen Angel
While Heaven Wept-Finality
Vastum-Spirit Abused
Lydia Taylor Band-Highway To Hell
Hard Stuff-No Witch At All

Thin Lizzy-Emerald (BBC)
The Osmonds-Crazy Horses
James Last-Crazy Horses
Tank-Crazy Horses
Deep Purple-Black Night (live Achen '70)
Trapeze-Jury (live at the Boat Club'75)
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils-Teach Your Daughter (with Ronnie Montrose)
Montrose-I Got The Fire
Leno-Sodoma y Chabola
Buzzard Band-Buzzard Boogie

Night Sun-Plastic Shotgun
Skywalker-First Strike
Manowar-Achilles, Agony And Ecstacy In Eight Parts
Ghost-Satan Prayer
Control-Lay Down The Law
Punk-San Diego (You're My Home)
Nazareth-Ballad Of Hollis Brown

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