KUSF In Exile 07.10.11 10 PM-1 AM The Orgasmatrain Internet Special Limited DJ Shekky

1st Hour

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2nd Hour

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3rd Hour

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From my secret bunker in the Behavioral Pit...out back of the Flying Buffalo Ranch...and the Center Of All Evil In The Universe...i bring you another Orgasmatrain Limited from Lightrail Studios, an oasis in san francisco's Industrial Desert...

Novo Atlantis II--Aavikko
Holvikirkko--Shogun Kunitoki
Scene--Gui Boratto

Paradoxical Moods--Finch
Make It The Way You Are--David Kubinec's Mainhorse Airline
Blue Satin--After All

Que paso--Aniíbal Velásquez Y Su Conjunto
Freedom Jazz Dance--Miroslav Vitous
That's Not Me--Junk Culture
Falling Asleep To The Glow Of The Television--Ernest Gonzales

I'm Free--The Who
Face To Face--The Zakary Thaks
I'll Never Forget You--Hüsker Dü
Into The Crypts Of Rays--Celtic Frost
Apocalyptic Raids--Hellhammer
Rip Ride-Venom

Gianyar--Loop Guru
Wendy Not Walter--Prins Thomas
Powers Of Audition--Jonas Reinhardt
Electric Mainline 1--Spiritualized
Noch En Raum Spatzel Bitte--Bailterspace

Just Leave--Gaunt
Private Idaho--The B-52's
Grown So Ugly--Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band
Delayed Sky--Omoide Haoma
Burning Prisma--Loop

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