KUSF 07.28.10 3-6 AM DJ SEP Skya

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

The Golden Palaminos - Clustering Train
The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (Featuring Swan)
Rotflol - I Wish You Would Push It
Ramin Zoufonoun - Deylaman
Trifon Trifonov &Stanimaka - Bre Ivane
Rapa Iti  - Te Tia Mamoe (Tahitian Choir Vol II)
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra - Racoczy March (From The Damnation of Faust)
Twilight Circus - K2000
Presidio Ensemble - Pan (for piccolo and string quartet, Maricio Kagel)
Swingin' Singers - Medley from "That's All Folks"
Jim ORourke - Despite the Water Supply Vol 2
Mark Growden - Mother
Dalglish - Inoktu
Apparat - I hear the Lonesome Whistle Blow (Johnny Cash)
Sujo - Zephyr
Disappears - TRK 2 from "Lux" on kranky
Carnivores - Temple
Junkestra - I
over "Text" by SEP
Leticia Castenada - GutDoep
Health - In Heat (Javelin RMX)
Gorecki - 3.3 Lento - Cantabile-semplice (Symphony No 3, Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)
Tim - Letters from Erin
Thunderchimp - Scary Fear
Jody Mulgrew - If I Could Be Sure
Drive Like Jehu - Step on Chameleon
Die Monitr Batss - Black Out Cross
Maus Haus - Zig Zag
Wet Illustrated - Born Stoked
The Radicals - Soul Eternal
3 Leg Torso - Akiko Yano
Clara Rockmore - Achron, Hebrew Melody

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